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Testimonials from other JPGExtra users

I've received a few unsolicited testimonials from satisfied JPGExtra users. I also present a case study from one website that I personally assisted, plus showcase countless optimized JPG files on my own Ian's Shoelace Site.

Case Study – Animated Knots by Grog

Animated Knots by Grog website logo

I first approached Alan Grogono, the owner of the website Animated Knots by Grog, early in 2006 when I noticed that the images on his site took much longer to display than necessary. Here's what transpired in Grog's own words:

“The update in July 2006 was prompted by the offer of expert help compressing image files from Ian Fieggen in Melbourne, Australia. Ian has a very busy and successful website about Tying Shoelaces. His offer prompted me to initially re-process the animated knot images to a greater compression. Ian's recently completed program then further reduced the size of the images by 75 – 80%. Overall, the image files now occupy about only 9.3% of the previous space. This reduction allows the site to load more quickly, which will benefit the users of slow connections to the Internet. Thank you Ian.”

– Alan Grogono,

Ian's Notes

Subsequent website statistics confirmed that the bandwidth had dropped by almost exactly 50% overall, a great result!

2012 Update

On re-visiting the website in Sep-2012, I noted that some of the JPG files have since been converted to PNG format. This prompted a follow-up study using my newest app, PNGExtra.

Testimonial – Scotimages Ltd

Former ScotImages website logo

“I just bought your program yesterday and have been completely amazed by how quick and effective it is. It is just one of those programs you want to tell your friends about. It has had an amazing effect on my thumbnail images. I was startled to see that in one folder, small thumbnails were reduced by and average of 87% of the file size. The range was 86-89%. (Some of the files in question are presently at the bottom of

My record for today had an astonishing 92% reduction in file size. As you say there is less effect on large images however it is still very impressive. Even many lager images were averaging 50%. As a professional photographer I strongly recommend your program to users of DSLR's and Adobe Photoshop. Thanks for the program.”

– Steve Campbell,, 05-Oct-2007

Ian's Notes

I was able to view the page of thumbnails both before and after processing. Indeed, each thumbnail had between 16,000 and 17,000 bytes of “extras” removed, resulting in an average saving of 87%. The finished page loaded several times faster than the original, another great result!

Testimonial – Leek Photographic Club

Leek Photographic Club website logo

“Many thanks. I found your app through Google and it does 'exactly what it says on the tin'. (That's a line from a UK advert for gloss varnish!!).

I am Webmaster and Competition Secretary for my local camera club. I had sent off some JPEGs to a judge before a competition, who had looked at the EXIF data and commented on it during the competition, so I needed an app which could in bulk strip EXIF data. I did not want to keep “saving for web” in Photoshop.

I have run your app over our club website and saved about 19mb of data. The biggest savings were on the button images and thumbnails where I was saving 80 - 90%. The site runs noticably quicker and I will continue to use your app to strip the needless data away.

I will be using it on my own website as well soon.”

– Rob Povey,, 27-Oct-2008

Ian's Notes

The thumbnail images appear on every page of the website, with the most noticeable difference in the galleries, particularly the “Leek Show” gallery, which appears amazingly quickly now that the thumbnails have been optimized.

Other Testimonials

“I have found that photos taken with my modest Canon Pixma produce a saving of only 3 to 10%, whereas photos taken by my mate with his fancy Nikon are reduced by 30 to 40%.”

– Rick D, 04-Mar-2007

“I've just recently downloaded the trial version of JpgExtra. I'm amazed at just how many bytes your tool is able to remove. I've been using David Crowell's jStrip but your program provides significantly better results.”

– Clark Addy, 06-Dec-2009

Showcase – Ian's Shoelace Site

Pic gallery (icon) My own Ian's Shoelace Site showcases the results of JPG optimization. The JPG files have all been processed with JPGExtra, both to satisfy my own desire for efficiency as well as to reduce the huge bandwidth that comes with having a Number 1 ranked website.

This optimization is particularly important on the Shoe Lacing Photos page, as the contributions received from website visitors invariably contain “extras”, and may either unwittingly contain private information or deliberately contain malicious content.