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My app for optimizing JPG files is, in itself, an example of optimization. Don't be deceived by JPGExtra's dull, grey appearance because the app is tuned for efficiency and performance.

Writing The App

JPGExtra App History

As someone who has always been interested in efficiency, it bothered me that JPG files contained so much waste. I set out to write an app that would cleanly remove "extras" from such files.

This involved extensive research of the JPEG and JFIF specifications as well as manually inspecting the innards of hundreds of JPG files. As I built the app, I tested it on over 50,000 files, including a large number of deliberately corrupt files. This ensured that JPGExtra ran 100% reliably, that it handled corrupt files as well as some "weird" formats, and that the resultant optimized JPG files were all written correctly and viewed identically to the originals. I'm confident that JPGExtra will handle just about anything that is thrown at it.

Thanks to this experience, I've become somewhat of an expert on the JPG format, and have since made some major edits to the Wikipedia entry on JPEG.

First Impressions of JPGExtra

JPGExtra app – screen image

Compared to other pretty apps with nice colourful icons and cute animations, JPGExtra is like watching an old black and white movie!

I'm not sure that this app will ever be considered an "old classic" like some of those movies, probably more like a good workhorse.

JPGExtra Contains No "Extras"

I programmed JPGExtra with a "minimalist" philosophy: It's the absolute minimum app that will do the job. It doesn't include an image viewer. It doesn't edit images. It doesn't catalogue images. It doesn't upload to websites. In short, it doesn't contain ANYTHING that you probably already have in other image or website software. It doesn't even contain full-colour icons, as these would have almost doubled the size of this tiny app!

JPGExtra does only ONE thing: It removes "extras" from JPG files, very quickly and very reliably. You can fire up JPGExtra in a split second, process any number of files with one or two mouse clicks, and your job is done. I like it that way.

JPGExtra Contains No Hidden Surprises

A lot of today's software contains "hidden surprises". Some apps cause problems, either because of modifying your system or performing tasks in a non-standard manner. Other apps do questionable things, such as "phoning home" with your private details. Rest assured that JPGExtra contains no such hidden surprises!

No Spying | No Ads | No Trojans | No Phoning | NO Worries!

The End Result

Besides creating the smallest, fastest, most efficient JPG files, the JPGExtra app is itself an example of optimization. I believe it's the smallest, fastest, most efficient JPG file optimization app available.

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