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This section contains an archive of some of Ian's ancient, tiny Windows apps, including the world's smallest, fastest and most efficient image optimization apps, JPGExtra and PNGExtra.

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JPGExtra (icon) JPGExtra

Optimize JPG files with no loss of image quality by cleanly removing “extras” (or “metadata”), those hidden bits of information that are typically embedded in files by digital cameras and image editing software.

PNGExtra (icon) PNGExtra

In the same way that my JPGExtra app optimizes JPG files with no loss of image quality, my PNGExtra app similarly optimizes PNG files by cleanly removing “extras” (or “metadata”).

ClipText allows you to paste text from the clipboard without the formatting ClipText

Displays the Windows “clipboard” contents as plain text, then copies that text back to the clipboard. This is great when you want to copy something and paste elsewhere without the formatting (fonts, colours, line spacing, etc). Also allows the clipboard to be emptied (eg. for privacy).

Information about writing powerful apps in assembly language Assembly Language Programming

Programming back in the 1970s was often done in Assembly Language in order to squeeze maximum power and performance from the much slower computers of that era. I still enjoy Assembly Language Programming today in order to produce tiny apps that are fast and efficient.

Chain links (pic) Software & Programming Links

Here's some links to other assembly language software and programming related websites. Providing links is good “Netiquette”, enabling the Internet to effectively become its own index.