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Two Stage Shoelace Knot diagram

This knot is made in two distinct stages. Make and secure one loop, then make and secure the other loop. The result is slightly more secure because it's less likely for both stages to come undone.

What Others Have Said

The following are excerpts from some of the e-mails that I've received about the Two Stage Shoelace Knot.

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Visitor Feedback

I've always found it annoying at the end of the day when you pull the strings on your shoes and you end up with a clogged-up knot that you have to pull apart with your fingernails, sometimes in dim light. This doesn't happen most of the time — maybe once in 6-8 times, but it's annoying none the less. Of course, this happens because the shoelace end has passed through the loop on its side, so when you pull the end, the loop tightens down and the shoe doesn't come untied.

So, I decided to tie my shoelaces with a single-loop knot so that both shoelace ends are on the opposite side of the shoe.

First, I tie the first half of a surgeon's knot, just to help keep everything tight while I tie the rest of it. Then I make the usual loop on one side, passing the whole of the free end through the middle. Lastly, I pass the loop through the middle in the opposite direction, and pull tight. Never comes loose, never knots up at the end of the day because the ends, being on the opposite side of the shoe from the loop, never have a chance to go through the loop.

It is just like your “two-stage” knot through Step 6, but then Step 7 would be to wrap the loop around back and pass it through the hole, back to front. Cinch it down, and that's it.

– Jack C., Jan-2018

Ian's Reply: The above suggestion by Jack produces a one-loop shoelace knot that's quite different to the two loops of the regular “Two Stage Shoelace Knot”. However, his point about the loop and loose ends being kept apart on opposite sides of the shoe – which helps prevent the knot jamming when untying – also applies to the “Two Stage Knot” because both loops are kept apart from both loose ends.

– Ian Fieggen, Jan-2018

If Howard Cheng's knot is the same as the Two Stage, I misunderstood his illustrations entirely.

I was looking at again to try to find where Howard said anything that made it clearly, as you said, the Two-Stage Knot rather than the FreedomKnot, and while I still say that his drawings and the descriptions with them are ambiguous, I finally noticed this at the very bottom of the page:

To undo the knot halfway, pull on B. If you want to undo the knot completely, pull firmly on A. Typically, when the knot becomes undone, half the knot will still be tight. In that case, repeat Step 3 to redo the knot.

That has to be the Two-Stage Knot: undoing either end of a FreedomKnot leaves the other end still in a slipknot, but it's very loose.

– David T., Illinois, USA, Dec-2015

also with your two stage knot i have found it better for me when at the second stage to tie a normal knot with the two loops rather than with the left over of the first stage also for an even more secure knot it's possible to, at the second stage to tie the two loops together like the “Ians secure knot” maybe these could be added in under variations for that particular knot.

– Leo M., France, Feb-2007

I was invited to a lovely party tonite. And knowing ... or at least believing strongly ... that alcohol would be involved this evening ... I tied a double knot in the laces of my nice dress shoes. I did so because I knew I'd be drinking (as per the above party notes) and I don't like it when my shoes come untied at parties.

Then I got home.

After I spent a good while unpicking that damn double knot I declared ... There must be a better way!

So I invented a new knot tonite. And by a new knot, I mean a knot that's probably been around for a few thousand years and I'm just so thick that I've only just discovered it.

So I invented the Two-Stage Shoelace Knot.


Oh, double damn!

It's not original and it's not going to make me rich. (Although if I keep writing about these knot things ... they might make me sober.)

– Dale S., Jan-2005

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