Surgeon's Knot Flip Book

Surgeon's Knot step 1
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Fold right (blue) end into a "loop";
Pass left (yellow) end behind loop;
Finish wrapping around the loop;
Push left (yellow) loop into "hole";
Loop emerges out the right side;
Wrap loop a second time;
Feed loop through a second time;
Pull tight to complete the knot.

Finished Knot

Finished Surgeon's Shoelace Knot picture 1

The finished knot should be a tight, closed knot with a double wrap around the middle, as compared to the single wrap of either my Ian Knot or any Standard Shoelace Knot.

Finished Surgeon's Shoelace Knot picture 2

NOTE: Because the Surgeon's Shoelace Knot isn't formed symmetrically, the finished knot can end up looking crooked, especially if there's not enough slack for the laces to rearrange themselves during tightening.

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