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Around 10,000 visitors a day benefit from the free information and advice on Ian's Shoelace Site. That huge number of visitors makes Ian's role as "Professor Shoelace" both time consuming and expensive. This page contains several ways that you can show your appreciation by supporting Ian's Shoelace Site and keeping Ian from "living on a shoestring".

Ways to Support

Buy Ian's Laces App for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Buy "Ian's Laces" App

Buying this handy pocket reference to shoe lacing methods for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will directly support both Ian and the app's developer, Jason Johnson.

Buy Shoelaces Buy Shoelaces

Whether you're looking to expand your wardrobe with a range of funky shoelaces or just finding a specific replacement, buying shoelaces from these vendors will earn a tiny commission for Ian's Shoelace Site.

Buy Shoelace Accessories, Devices & Gadgets Buy Shoelace Accessories

Check out the range of shoelace accessories, devices and gadgets, which are either for function (such as keeping laces tied) or for appearance (such as decorative charms). Again, every purchase earns this website a tiny commission.

Buy Shoelace Books Buy Shoelace Books

This section presents a selection of shoelace related books, mostly early-learning but some for adults, each with my own personal assessment. Purchases once again earn this website a tiny commission.

Buy Ian's Book, 'Laces' Buy Ian's Book, "Laces"

Sadly, Ian's book "Laces" is now out of print, but you may still be able to find a copy in book stores or on-line. Either way, your purchase will support Ian with a small royalty payment or commission.

Buy Other Items From Buy Other Items From

Buy yourself something via one of my Amazon links (see below). Note that you aren't limited to the listed categories. Once you're there, you can select ANY item from ANY category and this website will still earn a tiny commission.

Make a donation with PayPal – it's fast, free and secure! Make a Donation

A donation is the Internet equivalent of leaving a tip in a restaurant or throwing a coin in the hat of a street performer or busker, and is uplifting for both parties. To donate, use one of the following secure payment links:

Make a donation with PayPal – it's fast, free and secure!

To those generous people who have made a donation (see below), a sincere Thank You! for your direct support.

Recent Donations

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NOTE: You may also donate anonymously. Just let me know in the "Instructions to merchant" when making your payment – or send me a separate e-mail.

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