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Support This Site

If you've benefited in some way from Ian's Shoelace Site and would like to show your appreciation, here's several ways that you can support Ian and keep him from “living on a shoestring”.

Why Support Ian?

Despite the global success of my shoelace website, YouTube channel, book and apps – I'm a complete failure financially. Two decades of mostly altruistic labors on the niche topic of shoelaces have left me barely able to contribute even a small fraction towards our household's bills.

Should I accept defeat? Quit acting as the world's defacto shoelace authority and get a regular paying job? Or can I possibly continue – even expand – my role as “Professor Shoelace”? To do that, I could really use your support.

Ways to Support

Buy Ian's Laces app for Android and iOS Buy Ian's Laces App

Ian's Laces App is a fast, convenient way to have Ian's wealth of shoe lacing information readily on hand. The latest version is for Android, plus there's an older version for iOS.

Buy Ian's book “Laces” Buy Ian's Book “Laces”

My book, “Laces”, was published back in 2007. Although Laces is now out of print, buying a pre-loved copy will still earn this website a tiny commission.

Buy Shoelaces Buy Shoelaces

An ideal way to show your support – and have something to show for it. Buying shoelaces from one of Ian's selected vendors will earn a tiny commission for Ian's Shoelace Site.

Buy Shoelace Accessories, Devices & Gadgets Buy Shoelace Accessories

Besides shoelaces, there's also shoelace accessories, devices and gadgets. Again, every purchase earns this website a tiny commission.

Buy Other Shoelace Books Buy Other Shoelace Books

Besides Ian's book “Laces”, there's a whole bunch of other shoelace books available on Amazon. Again, every purchase earns this website a tiny commission.

Buy Other Items From Buy Other Items From

Why settle for shoelaces or books? Visit Amazon via my referral links, then buy any item from any category and this website will still earn a tiny commission.

NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Click to buy U-Lace elastic shoelace segments (USA)
Click to buy tough shoelaces from Ironlace (USA)
Click to buy shoelaces from Big Laces (UK)

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