Starting Knot

All of the shoelace techniques shown on this site use the same "Left-over-Right" Starting Knot. Here's how to tie this basic knot, known as a "Half Knot" or "Overhand Knot". Don't worry, this knot is a lot easier than it looks in these diagrams!

Starting Knot diagram 1

Step 1:

Cross the left (blue) end over the right (yellow) end. The left (blue) end is now on the right side.

Starting Knot diagram 2

Step 2:

Begin to wrap the right (blue) end around the front of the left (yellow) lace to end up at the back of the gap between the laces.

Starting Knot diagram 3

Step 3:

Feed the right (blue) end through the gap to emerge at the front right hand side.

Starting Knot diagram 4

Step 4:

Pull both ends tight to complete the knot.

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