This Site's Sponsors

This site's sponsors

Ian's Shoelace Site has several dedicated sponsors, whose financial contributions help keep this website afloat. Find out more about this site's sponsors and their products.


Website Click to visit U-Lace website

Main product

Modular no-tie laces.

Sponsor since

June 2013.

About U-Lace

U-Lace is the result of a global trend-spotter becoming inspired by a pair of sneakers spotted in the window a shop in Harajuku, Tokyo. One of the coolest places in the world by the way.

The black PUMAs featured the puma side stripe that was made up of 4 different colors and the sneakes were laced in those same 4 colors at the same time. Oh, it was sneaker hotness.

We loved it and thought you’d love it too.

The problem: the laces were all standard 45” laces, so the sneakers were filled with a boondoggle of extra lace, with no room for a foot to fit inside.

The solution: we created it; U-Lace modular no-tie laces.

U-Lace was created to make lacing sneakers in multiple colors and patterns a quick and easy process; not to mention that when laced with U-Lace, sneakers instantly become easy-on / easy-off slip-ons.

We see U-Lace as the paint, sneakers as the canvas, and you as the creative artist who takes our paint and uses it to create your awesomeness with your sneakers.

In the years since we launched, U-Lace has become so much more than a fashion product. U-Lace saves traveler's time at airport security; saves lives in mental health facilities; saves skateboarder's from wasting valuable skate time fixing broken laces; helps ER docs & nurses quickly get from nap rooms to operating rooms; and helps special needs individuals live more typical lives, and that’s just to name a few things.

U-Lace is also spending a lot more time in the development lab and you’ll see lots of new product both on our website and coming to retailers in early and mid 2020.

Kicks Shoelaces

Website Click to visit Kicks Shoelaces website

Main product

Australian-based web store shipping quality replacement shoelaces worldwide.

Sponsor since

January 2022.

About Kicks Shoelaces

Kicks Shoelaces is based in Australia's mecca of all things fashion and sports, Melbourne!

As a team, we have many years of experience in events, hospitality, health and fitness. We have firsthand experience of the wear and tear being on your feet all day has on your shoes (most of us take between 5,000-10,000 steps a day) so we decided to put our best foot forward and supply customers with an inexpensive way to refresh their shoes and provide the best shoelace replacements with style, comfort and movement in mind.

On our site, you will find several different types of laces, shoelace aglets, shoelace colours and other accessories to put on your shoes.

We stock flat shoelaces, round laces and no-tie shoelaces. Our shoelaces are perfect shoelace replacements for Nike Air Max, Adidas Superstar and Jordan 1, as well as Timberland boots and Yeezy Boost 350.

We know sneakers can get expensive, new shoelaces will help you give your sneakers a fresh, clean look without the cost of buying new shoes. We think it’s money well spent!

So, whether you're waiting tables, have a full-day at your event or simply need some new strings for your yeezys we'll help you replace the lace, keep your feet comfy and get you moving.


Website Click to visit Ironlace website

Main product

Virtually unbreakable shoelaces for work or sport.

Sponsor since

March 2015.

About Ironlace™

Ironlace™, quite simply the strongest laces in the world! Picture yourself getting ready for work or play. You’re 10 minutes late, you put your coffee down to lace up your boots. You pull and tighten to tie and your lace breaks.

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or halfway through your day we have all been there, a broken pair of laces turns a good day bad. It is not only an inconvenience it can also be a safety hazard on the work site or cost you precious moments in the game.

Here at Lacetech Industries ltd. we have created the ultimate lace, Ironlace™ and Ironlace™ Sport. Our mission is to solve the ongoing problem of broken laces in the work force and on the field. We understand the daily stresses and demanding environments laces must endure. Ironlace™ is guaranteed to stay the course for life.

We are also proud to say that our laces are manufactured in the United States providing jobs and stability in our communities.

One set of Ironlace’s will hold a staggering 1600lb of tension. We have done years of research and development, resulting in a lace that is virtually chemical proof, UV ray resistant, water proof, abrasion resistant, and heat resistant up to 630F (330C). Our laces have been tested to over 1,000,000 cycles without fail. No other lace can make this claim!

Big Laces

Website Click to visit Big Laces website

Main product

UK-based web store with over 1,000 styles and colours of shoelaces.

Sponsor since

February 2010.

About Big Laces

Big Laces was started by Cheryl and Dave Clayton as "The Lace Place" back in 2006, primarily as an eBay venture to earn extra cash. Without any initial business plan and very little fancy marketing, the company has grown significantly but still remains family owned and run.

We're not a big corporate machine and believe in good, honest customer service and bringing a smile to people's faces. Those who buy from us almost always return, and we hope this is due to the fact that we prioritise customer satisfaction above all else.

In our time as retailers we've seen quite a few similar looking companies (some even borrowed all our photos without asking!) come and go and can only think this is due to the fact that you won't make millions selling shoelaces! We love what we do and we thank all our customers for their continued support.

Cute Laces

Website Click to visit Cute Laces website

Main product

Handmade shoelaces with cute prints.

Sponsor since

October 2021.

About Cute Laces

Cute Laces is a female owned brand committed to creating fun accessories to enable the wearer to show their individuality.

“I have always been different.” shares founder Angela Bliss “The road less traveled has been a very familiar path. When I started making shoelaces from fabric, it was a small way of expressing my individuality. Adding my handcrafted shoelaces to my shoes was a way of self expression.”

As with many businesses, Cute Laces started when friends and family would ask me to make some for their Converse shoes.

Who wears Cute Laces? Those people who yearn to express themselves. Those who think outside the (shoe) box. Those who question why they would follow everyone else. Those who feel unique.

Cute Laces are created to help you express your individuality, your uniqueness in every single step you take.

Our shoelaces are made in downtown Los Angeles. We add metal aglets to the tips of each shoe lace to make lacing up your shoes easy.

Individual Sponsors

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Finally, there are the countless kind folks who have given a donation via PayPal. These are typically one-off amounts, but I'd like to give a special shout-out to Adam L., who has generously chosen to contribute a monthly donation.

Thanks, Adam!

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