Shoelace Lengths

Shoelace Lengths

The rhetorical question: "How long is a piece of string?" is a serious question when it comes to shoelaces. Too long and the ends can drag or get stepped on. Too short and it can be difficult to tie a knot. This section should help you work out the ideal shoelace length.

Table of Contents

Approximate Shoelace Lengths Approximate Shoelace Lengths

Shoelaces are often supplied to fit a certain number of eyelets (eg. 6-8). This is a very rough way to estimate the required length, as shoes can vary widely. Allowing for the shoe width, or using my approximation formula, gives much better results.

Accurate Shoelace Lengths Accurate Shoelace Lengths

Calculating a reasonably accurate shoelace length for a particular shoe with a particular lacing method requires taking into account many factors and some pretty complicated mathematics.

Shoelace Length Calculator Shoelace Length Calculator

Enter shoe measurements into this web-based calculator to accurately compute the length of shoelace needed for any possible shoe lacing method on that shoe.

Shoelace Length Formulas Shoelace Length Formulas

All of the underlying mathematical formulas from the Shoelace Length Calculator are shown both in mathematical notation and in generic notation compatible with spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.

Available Shoelace Lengths Available Shoelace Lengths

Having calculated a theoretically accurate shoelace length, the problem arises of how to buy a shoelace from the limited lengths available. It all comes down to the resulting end lengths that you find comfortable.

Comparative Shoelace Lengths Comparative Shoelace Lengths

Comparing each lacing method to basic Criss Cross Lacing makes it easier to know whether a shorter or longer shoelace is needed for a particular lacing method.

Excess Shoelace Length Excess Shoelace Length

Many shoes nowadays come with shoelaces that are excessively long. Here's some theories about this phenomenon, as well as some practical solutions as to what to do about it.

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