Ian's Secure Knot Flip Book

Secure Shoelace Knot step 1
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Fold both lace ends into "loops";
Cross right (blue) loop over left (yellow);
Wrap right (yellow) loop around to front;
Wrap left (blue) loop around to back;
Feed both loops through the "hole";
Pull tight to complete the knot.

Finished Knot

Finished Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot picture

The finished knot should be a tight, closed knot with a symmetrical, double wrap around the middle, as compared to the single wrap of either my Ian Knot or any Standard Shoelace Knot.

NOTE: If your finished knot looks uneven or twisted, it may easily be "worked" into a neat result as follows: Pull on the loose ends slightly as though untying the laces; this will bring the outer wraps of the knot together. Then, pull on the loops once again to re-tighten the knot; this will neaten up the inner parts.

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