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Also known as the “Double Slip Knot”, this is a secure shoelace knot with a simple, symmetrical method of tying. Cross two loops and pass them both through the “hole” in the middle. This is a shoelace knot that won't come undone on its own!

What Others Have Said

The following are excerpts from some of the many delightful e-mails and testimonials that I've received about my Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot.

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Visitor Feedback

For years, I have always chosen laceless but uncomfortable shoes just because I could not learn how to tie laces. After some number of years, I have finally determined myself to learn, but they would always come undone at the most inconvenient times and cause me to return back to laceless shoes once again. But one day, I saw a post about one of your knots in Reddit, dug deeper and found your website. It took me 10 minutes to learn your Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot whereas the regular single bunny ear looped across took me forever. I still untie and tie it several times a day to get the hang of it, but never has it led me down in an inconvenient spot.

– Jahan, Baku, Azerbaijan, Mar-2024

I am big fan right now of your Ian's [secure] knot. It's a life changer especially with some of these new round laces.

– Gary K., Ohio, USA, Sep-2023

love the secure knot

– Elias F., Sep-2023

It's amazing how much my attitude toward shoelaces and drawstrings on pajama pants improved after learning a couple knots from your site. The Secure Knot is amazing, and your illustrations made it make perfect sense. I've shared it with several people.

I went over 30 years hating shoes with laces, and now I can honestly say I am at most indifferent to them. I actually enjoy tying shoes and bows in ribbons, and I think of your site often.

– Gideon M., Sep-2023

I’ve been using your secure knot for many years and was reminded of your website through Hacker News today.

Thank you for doing what you’re doing :)

– Christian R., Sep-2023

I wish I knew Ian Secure Knot sooner. I had been tying shoelaces for over 6 decades, and to avoid it from coming loose was always a struggle.

Finally, I found Ian Secure Knot and I was saved.

– P W., May-2023

I just wanted to say a thankyou. It's been some years now but your secure knot was like learning to tie my shoelaces properly for the first time in 35 years (ok I probably wasn't tying them for 5-6 of them) but you really changed my life.

– Jason L., Aug-2022

I tried some of your tying guides. I admit that I was trying and then my finger hurt. After some trying, I ended up with Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot tying style. I think it's as secure as its name and it's also suitable for both casual and formal dress.

– Nattakrit J., Bangkok, Thailand, Jun-2022

I ultimately settled on “Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot” but with a double starting knot instead of a single starting knot. The double starting knot seems to make the whole thing more secure without adding a lot of volume.

– Phillip G., Nevada, USA, Jan-2022

Now with your Double Slip Knot I finally won't have those awkward moments anymore during ballroom dancing where those slippery round shoelaces come undone from all the motion (even with the balanced knot) - as soon as we're allowed to have contact sports again... which hopefully should be this weekend (hurray :-D).

– Georg D., Austria, Dec-2021

Today I was really happy to find the Ian's Secure Knot for my shoes since I've always had a problem with laces coming undone, but hate the usual double-square-knot. Your knot reminds me of a cross between the Hunter's Bend and the Surgeon's Knot. Love it!

– Matt G., Nov-2021

I came upon a puzzling knot and would really appreciate your input.

The knot is featured in a video and presented by several clothing and shoe gurus. They call the knot the Berluti Knot but they are NOT Berluti Knots. You can see the 1st example posted by Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project and the link to his video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXHemBywew4 His knot is nothing like the Berluti Knot posted by Berluti on their website at this location https://www.berluti.com/en-int/editorial/learn-to-tie-your-shoes/ The Berluti web page also shows a video and a set of diagrams which match the video. To me, the knot described by Berluti appears to be a Surgeon's Knot which is described in your list of 20 knots. The knot described by Kirby Allison and also presented by a number of others wardrobe and shoe specialists, appears to me to be your Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot but with the inclusion of both loose cord ends inserted into the knot making it an even stronger knot than your Secure Shoelace Knot. I have not seen the knot described anywhere else other than being called the Berluti Knot which it is not and it does not appear to be in your arsenal of knots. So it's kind of a mystery knot to me and for now I am calling it Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot with Two Additional wrap-arounds.

– Murray M., Canada, Jul-2021

After being a devout tyer of Ian's Shoelace Knot for years, I recently came across the Secure Shoelace Knot and I'm impressed by how secure it is - I'm converted! I do miss though how fast and fluid the plain shoelace knot is ...

– Kayla M., New York, USA, May-2021

I also just realized yesterday that some of the shoelaces I've purchased on Amazon stole your Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot diagrams and put them on their packaging materials. I expect there isn't much you can do about it, but thought I'd let you know nonetheless.

– Jonathan B., Apr-2021

I always struggled with tying my shoes, I suffered from the granny knot problem you identified, and then I tried your Secure Knot and it works perfectly for me. Thank you!

– Derek H., Apr-2021

I used to have a problem with my shoelaces coming untied all the time. Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot solved it. I've been using your knot for several years now, and it has NEVER failed. Thank you!

– Patrick B., Apr-2021

I am also using the Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot which has failed me just once in 10 years.

– Vineshen P., Mauritius, Jan-2021

I've been tying my shoes with your “double slip knot” for many years already and haven't had them untie themselves a single time! :)

– Lukas M., Dec-2020

I love knots and I am facinated by how useful they can be. I have taught many people the Ian knot and also the Secure Ian Knot. Two of my boys and especially the one use your knots to this day. I was a Scout leader and have shared with many young men and young women over the years also.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to document your discoveries and love of knots with the world.

– Layne E., Utah, USA, Dec-2020

I stared on Ian's Secure Knot for a long time, eventually deciding it must be identical to the Surgeon's knot. Only a number of klicks later, did I find an official statement agreeing on this. Maybe it would be a good idea to cross-reference closely related knots better? (Ashley is pretty good at this.) Closely related could for instance be knots which are equal, but are tied with different methods.

– Johannes S., Jul-2019

Today I have solved a mystery of mine about the Secure Knot, which never really resolved in the final step into a neat, balanced double-wrapped knot we see on the website.

In the image “wrong.jpg” you see the final knot following (to my best knowledge) the instructions. The loose ends are not going through the two loops and are exiting near the center, heading up and down.

Other shoelaces probably have enough drag that the loose ends will be wrapped around other parts of the knot and end up in the right place.

I have then been trying to force this wrapping to happen by twisting the initial loops as seen in “twisted_loops.jpg”. Those are twists of 360 degree on each side. The direction is the same as in the Ian Knot where one side goes to the front and the other to the back depending on your starting knot. Going then the usual way (step 3 to 6 on the website) will result in the neat Secure Knot as in “correct.jpg”.

– Jens A., Germany, May-2019

Ian's Comment: The above suggestion works very well – and has been added to the Technical Info page.

– Ian Fieggen, May-2019

I was always the one in my group needing to stop and re-tie my loose shoelaces. It was not just socially embarassing, it also interfered with going jogging or hiking. When I was in college, I found your Ian's Secure Shoelace knot, tried it, and I haven't had to worry about it for almost 10 years now!

Just the other day I was running with a friend whose laces came undone. I told them to ask me after we were done and I'd show them a knot I found on the internet from this crazy guy Ian who studied shoelace knots scientifically. Well, sure enough, he remembered to ask me and I showed him. Today he says he's never going to need to double-tie his laces and struggle to get them undone again, because your knot simply stays done.

– Sascha L., Jun-2018

I am an old man of nearly 65 writing from Germany. I found several useful hints on your site. Especially for elder people is very important to walk safely and an accurate shoelace knot is a useful contribution. So I now always use the double starting knot and finish the knotting with Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot. You are right, since using the secure knot, it has never become undone.

– Reinhard H., Hardegsen, Germany, May-2018

Of all the knots I tried, Ian's Secure Knot felt by far the best. The only other knot I also liked was the Surgeon's Knot. That one felt quite secure as well.

My children of 2 and 3 both have shoes with Velcro. But, when they are a little bit older I will teach them Ian's Secure Knot before other people try to ruin it by showing them the Granny Knot. I'd prefer them be taught the best way from the start.

– S.H. B., Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, Jan-2018

Personally, up till now I've used the Standard, then added another Granny knot on top. It holds, but a nuisance to undo sometime.

I have now changed to your Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot. What a beauty! And unties so easily. This is what I'm teaching my nephew now.

– Dr. Matt W., New South Wales, Australia, Dec-2017

I have always been a conventional criss-cross lacer and standard knotter, but tomorrow I will be Double Helix - Ukrainian (combination) laced with an Ian Knot, or Secure Ian Knot for certain farm jobs.

(I'm a narrow-footed farmer who doesn't like elastic-sided boots).

– Tim J., Western Victoria, Australia, May-2017

i just wanted to write to thank you for your instructions for ian's secure shoelace knot. i am writing from the u.s., where there is a mail order company named l.l. bean.

i have l.l. bean leather moccasins whose rawhide laces are always coming undone. i went to the l.l. bean website for instructions about how to tie them securely. (fyi: http://www.llbean.com/llb/videos/515453).

i have working memory problems so that the video was little help to me. the text below was not much better.

YOUR instructions were great. what made them work for me were the diagrams. your text to go with the diagrams was perfect. oh! and i have just now discovered your flip books! excellent. you have done a lot of work here. l.l. bean could learn a lesson from you.

thanks, walking around in my moccasins is much safer now.

– Jean A., USA, Oct-2016

[My son] has now mastered your Secure Shoelace Knot as well as the standard Ian Knot. First we went with a double Ian Knot, as you suggested, but unfortunately the extra difficulty in untying meant that [he] started just pulling off his shoes rather than untying them - naughty!

Eventually I taught him the secure knot as an alternative, and fortunately instead of feeling disheartened he's pleased that he's successfully learned two knots. He even managed to teach them to his teacher at school!

– Matt E., Auckland, New Zealand, Sep-2016

I show this variation to friends and colleagues who all agree to its awesomeness, and my family now refers to it as “the all-day knot,” since it stays tied all day, is still untied easily by (firmly) pulling the free ends, just like a Standard Knot.

– T.J. L., USA, May-2016

I wrote you some years back, probably in the early 2000s, about your brilliant secure knot, which I've been using ever since I learnt of it, both for trail running shoes and hiking boots — I spread the gospel wherever I go and I've taught dozens of fellow runners and hikers to use it, and it NEVER fails!

– Rod P., Cape Town, South Africa, May-2016

Thank you, Ian, for the information about secure shoelace knots. The standard bow doesn't hold well with round or thick laces, and at my age bending is difficult and there isn't always somewhere to sit down. The extra moment to tie a secure knot saves the time and strain of repeated retying.

– David, IL, USA, Dec-2015

For most of my life (now in my late 30's!) I had knots that came untied, even if I tied “double knots.” Constant tripping, loose shoes, and annoyance. I have been using your “Ian Knot” and “Ian Secure Knot” for almost a year now, and am happy to report that my shoelaces almost never get untied, and that I tie my shoes faster than I could with my previous bad granny knots.

Knowing how to properly tie a knot with your method makes me inordinately happy every morning. It actually brightens my whole day.

– Peter L., Apr-2015

After doing each of your recommended secure and quick knots, I found Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot the most foolproof method. (Also fun.)

– Heloise H., Mar-2015

I wear hiking boots most of the time, and they come with round strings which untie very easily. I switched to using your secure shoelace knot and the problems disappeared. Thanks! However, just now, reviewing the site, I realized that I tie this knot in an “inverted” way (yellow on top of blue and everything else inverted). It seems to work that way too, but I wonder if this knot still performs as well when tied this way.

I always wondered why the knot wasn't nicely perpendicular to the shoe, but rather tended to be in a “45 degree” angle. I retried it with the starting knot inverted (as if doing a granny knot) and as you said, if I invert everything, things look good again. :) Of course, it's probably easier to do the knot right than to get used to doing the starting knot inverted (after all, we're talking 40+ years of tying the shoes one particular way) :)

– Marco P., Dec-2014

Interestingly enough, after flirting with the Secure Ian knot for a while - I am now using the freedom knot more often than not. It's just a matter of preference.

– S.T., Penang, Malaysia, Sep-2014

Third, the Ian Knot and the Mega Ian Knot are made similarly, so I wondered what would happen if a person split the difference and made a loop and a half on each side, with the ends pointing up (and then drooping out of the way if they're long), and pulling bights from the ends through the two whole loops in the middle. The result is a two-banded knot, but I can't figure out if it's identical to Ian's Secure Knot, as I don't always seem to manage to unravel it for examination in the same way. I think it is; is it? You'd be the one to know for sure. If so, it would be another symmetric way to produce the same knot.

– David T., Illinois, USA, Sep-2014

Ian's Comment: The above variation results in the same finished knot as my Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot! It's about the same speed, slightly more difficult to retain tightness while tying, yet slightly better at allowing the laces to rearrange themselves into a neat finished result.

– Ian Fieggen, Sep-2014

My leather work shoes ... came with round laces that have been pissing me off for years. not long enough to hold a double knot and always coming untied.

After a few minute of reading I now have a spiral/double helix lace and Ian's secure knot - feels much better and hasn't come undone once!

– Jeff B., Maryland, USA, Jan-2014

I really enjoyed your secure knot. However, possibly because I'm left-handed, I usually perform the starting knot right-over-left, rather than, as you suggest, left-over-right. Does this mean that I also have to reverse the other passages of Ian's secure knot to perform it correctly? Namely, in step 2, the blue bunny ear is on top of the yellow one. Do I need to reverse that?

– Amadeo A., Naples, Italy, Jan-2014

Ian's Reply: Yes, exactly. If you do your starting knot in reverse, you'll have to do the finishing knot in reverse to re-balance the knot.

– Ian Fieggen, Jan-2014

Been using this knot on everything for a few months now, and it's infinitely superior to double knotting.

– Mike S., Jan-2014

I spend most days hiking through the woods, climbing over logs and brush on timber harvests, or working on wildland prescribed fire. You can imagine that tying and keeping my boots tied is an important aspect of my life!

Ian's Secure Knot was quick to learn, and seems to work well with the small round Kevlar-threaded laces on these boots. I am still breaking in the boots around the office, but I can't wait to try out this knot on the rest of my workboots and shoes!

Since you already named your better way of tying a standard shoelace knot as the Ian knot, can I suggest that we call the secure version the Fieggen Knot? That's what I intend to call the double slip knot with drawstrings, if for no other reason than it will help me remember your website name so I can send other people there!

– Brian H., Oct-2013

This is probably the greatest discovery in knot shoe history! The day I learnt this about year a so ago, never has it been undone. No matter what scenario, for example I play sports a lot, normal knots have caused injury for me, since I've used this knot even after the session the knot was perfect and strong. Finally I used a normal knot to compare with this, the normal knot was undone within 10 minutes!

– (Anonymous), Sep-2013

I'll have to try your “Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot” for myself. It's not clear from your wording how to untie it. I assume just pull on one of the two loose ends (not the loops themselves)? But as you point out “It needs almost three times the tension to pull it undone” (which is good!).

– Don K., Indiana, USA, Aug-2013

Thanks again for the Ian's Secure Knot. I actually did a test with some particularly slippery round laces by tying one shoe with my usual bunny ear granny knot and the other with the ISK. My old way came undone TWICE during the day and the ISK lasted the whole day. I even used a double knot the first time the first shoe came undone and it still came loose. I really like the fact that the ISK comes undone surprisingly easy considering how secure it holds.

After over 40 years of being a “bunny ears” user, one more time around and through the middle was a simple transition!

– Mike P., Ontario, Canada, Dec-2012

I have some running shoes—or “trainers” as you may call them—whose laces, whilst cool-looking, never wanted to stay tied very long. Then they met your Secure Shoelace Knot. (I almost said it was “their undoing”–quite the opposite.) Thanks very much!

– Andy F., Richmond, BC, Canada, Dec-2012

I decided to try and make the megaknot, with one hand a single loop around my fingers, and the other hand the normal two loops.

And what did I get? A perfect copy of the Ian's secure knot, as I analyzed it, but very quick and easy to make. Though it is not made perfectly symmetrical, it works much easier for me.

– Rob M., The Netherlands, Feb-2012

I saw that the Ian's secure knot got the highest rating (currently 4.7). After one day of use I was *extremely* impressed.

– Marc P., Mar-2011

I've been using Ian's secure knot for a year already. It took about 10 seconds to understand how to tie it, because it's just a slight modification of “Bunny Ears” knot, but what a result! Beautiful and secure!

– Alex, Estonia, Apr-2011

For the past six days, I have been using your Secure Shoelace Knot on my shoes and my apron (I work full time in food service)... and not once has any of the knots come undone. I feel confident and safe, and my bows actually look quite fetching.

– Lynette N., Massachusetts, USA, Jan-2011

I just thought Id let you know that I have always had a few problems with my walking boots and tying double knots etc.

I can safely say that “Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot” has seriously changed my life!

– Shaun D., Aug-2010

I decided to try your Secure Sholace Knot, because a simple knot always slips on my shoes. As a child had learned to make a double knot when the simple knot came undone so that's what I did. And that's what my boyfriend did too. But it was difficult to untie and it used a little too much lace for my shoes. Now my troubles are over ! My boyfriend adopted it too even though it feels strange to him to have learned how to tie his shoes when he's 24 :)

– Loonie, Paris, France, Jun-2010

I also used the double slip knot instead of the double-knot as it looks tidier and seems to work well.

– Alex T., UK, Jan-2010

I've been using your (Ian's) Secure Knot for a couple of years now. It has become second nature to me and has replaced the standard knot I used for over 60 years. Yes, old dogs can learn new tricks.

I am pleased every day with the way this knot works. It never comes loose on its own but always unties easily with a pull of the string. My old, standard, shoe lace knot came undone a dozen or more times a day for most of my life.

– Daryl C., Washington, USA, Nov-2009

I bought a pair of Alden shoes around November of 2000 (for my wedding in January 2001!). The salesman did a slight variation of the “Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot” (it just has an extra wrap in the starting knot). I really like the symmetrical look and the secure staying power of the knot and I have used it on everything since.

– John B., California, USA, Oct-2009

I always tied my laces using Bunny Ears and often had the problem of laces becoming untied.

I found your recommended secure knot method to be relatively easy to implement and that it required only a slight modification from the bunny ears to achieve it.

– Akheel K., Mauritius, Sep-2009

wow, thank you so much for your extremely comprehensive site which was very helpful in FINALLY getting my 7-year-old son to tie his shoes. he chose the ian's secure knot and i also use it now to tie my athletic shoes so i don't have to do a double knot. :) highly satisfactory.

– Clare H., Aug-2009

I just saw a link to your website again, and decided to send in some feedback since I've been happily using Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot for (I think) 4 years now.

Prior to learning the knot, all my shoelaces would untie themselves over the course of a day - sometimes even if I made a double knot (no idea how, it always was a pain to unlace them myself). The secure knot fixed this, once and for all. Not once have my shoes become untied by themselves - hiking boots, training shoes, anything I wear, I tie with this knot. And it just works. Looks very neat, too.

It was extremely easy to teach to my girlfriend (who was suffering from the same problem when she wore laced boots and trainers), and she's been happily using it for years, as well.

– Andreas F., Mar-2009

I just felt that I should write and say that I've been using your Secure Shoelace Knot on my boots and trainers for three years now and it has never failed me yet, considering I used to have to do a traditional double knot to stop my shoes coming undone this is quite impressive. I think I've even got a couple of close friends on to this “crazy” new way of tying their shoes and they seem impressed too.

– Daniel, Dec-2008

i would also like to thank you for your secure shoelace knot. before i just used the standard shoelace knot, and it untied all the time.

– Alex, Jun-2008

I'm an assistant teacher in a tap class of 7-9 year old children, which I'm sure you know they aren't the best at tying shoes. So, often I spend half the class re-tying shoes. I used to just double a standard knot, but the children complained that they're too hard to untie after class. But your secure knot seems to be working out much better.

– Jenny C., May-2008

I want to thank you for giving me the derivation of the shoe-lace knot I've been using since I was about 4. Since that puts it back to about 1951, I've been wondering about the origin for a long time! I've tried to teach it to as many people as possible, over the years. Those who used it, have reported great success. Of course, I knew they would, since it's such a great knot. I wonder why I didn't think of looking in “Ashley” years ago. It's the standard knot book in my experience. I seem to remember that my parents brought “Ashley” home from the library and, perhaps, it was about at the time they showed my sister and me the “double slip knot.”

– Dee S., USA, Feb-2008

I noticed that the force required to untie a secure shoelace knot depends on whether only one, or both, ends are pulled. When only one end is pulled, the knot moves, twists or distorts making it difficult to untie. The standard bow knot and the granny bow knot untie so easily that the knot doesn't move much when only one end is pulled.

– Ronald C., USA, Feb-2008

I quickly discovered that the knot I was tying for my shoes since childhood was the deficient “Granny Knot”. In order to cut-to-the-chase, I decided to field test the knot rated as one of the most secure - the “Ian's Secure Knot”.

I have tried this knot on my boots for a couple of days without it ever coming undone! Thanks very much for this wonderful web site. I've book marked it and will probably later try out other knots that are more efficient to make and are sufficiently strong for lower cut shoes for summer use.

– Leo B., Canada, Jan-2008

Also, thanks for the Ian's Secure knot. I get mildly obsessive about the security of my shoes, hence the double knots, and the Ian's Secure gives me that peace of mind. I'm ashamed to say that I couldn't get the standard Ian Knot into my muscle memory no matter how hard I tried, but the Ian's Secure is stuck fast and very useful.

– Silas H., England, UK, Jul-2007

I have long used the Double Knot on my shoestrings because I just hate my shoes coming untied but I always hated how it looked. About a year ago I found “Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot” and since then that is all I use... and my wife uses it now exclusively, too. Everyone I show it to just loves it (but it does take people a bit of time to get used to it). Kudos.

– Kevin D., New York, USA, Jul-2007

I decided to look for a good way to teach my four year old how to tie her shoe because my method a.) was not working and b.) would come undone on her if she did it herself. I double knot her shoes now since that is what I was taught to do for a child. Well, I learned your sec[u]re knot, and it is just that. Plus, it can be pulled apart by my daughter if she wants to take off her shoe. This will greatly solve the problem of her shoe either coming loose or her getting really frustrated when she cannot untie her own shoe.

– Clara S., California, USA, May-2007

I have begun to employ the knot on my shoes (with round laces) and you are right...it works!

– Terry V., New York, USA, Apr-2007

I have now completed my first full YEAR of using “Ian's Secure” shoelace knot on a daily basis. To my amazement & surprised delight, I was finished forever with utilizing the “standard knot” after only ONE WEEK of giddy & somewhat secretive experimentation !!. “Ian's Secure” so far surpasses the “Standard Knot” that it provokes a certain revisiting of at least a couple of commonplace human conceits... I mean, granted, YOU were smart enough to come up w/ the matchless “Ian's Secure”, BUT there's no dodging the fact that uncounted millions have been slavishly fumbling around with the markedly mediocre “Standard Knot” for damn near forever AND handicapping their own offspring to boot.

I have NEVER found ANYTHING to be so completely in accord with advance notices & accompanying rave reviews as “Ian's Secure” shoelace knot. It has embodied the BEST, if seemingly tiniest, course correction I have ever undertaken in the service of my own improvement.

– John J., Michigan, USA, Feb-2007

When I was a kid I used the “Standard Shoelace Knot” but it would come undone much too often. I read somewhere about a way to make it better - do step 3 twice (two loops around the right loop). It takes a little more time, and isn't particularly elegant (not even symmetrical?) but it stays tight a lot better than the standard one. I might try to switch to Ian's Secure Knot, but old habits die hard :)

– Willis C., Aug-2006

After looking at your page describing slipping knots, I discovered that I've been tying my shoes incorrectly my entire life! In fact, I've been double knotting them to keep them tied as well. I was a Boy Scout as a kid and enjoyed tying knots and tying them correctly. So, this was quite a shock. Anyway, I plan to try the “secure knot” for a while, it's quite pretty. Keep up the good work!

– Tim H., Minnesota, USA, Jul-2006

Somewhere in the 90s, the shoes I typically bought tended to have laces that would not stay in a standard knot indefinitely as they had before. It wasn't a problem with being an unbalanced slip knot; they've always been balanced properly. I suspect the shape and material of the laces was the cause. In the last couple weeks I had been more seriously trying a few different things to lock that knot, but your secure knot is perfect for what I've been looking for.

– Paul E., USA, Jul-2006

I use “boat shoes” -- the sort with a square-cross-section leather shoelace that comes undone much too easily. I find the Ian's Secure Knot does not hold as long as I would like, but the Mega Knot does the trick -- and looks surprisingly neat.

– Pam W., Jun-2006

Since learning the proper techniques today, my preschooler tied his shoes using the “Two Loop (Bunny Ears) Knot” and I have mastered your “Secure Shoelace Knot,” the “Ian Knot,” and many others.

– a “Mom-in-need”, USA, Jun-2006

The reason I was looking for a shoelace site, is because I thought I had invented a good round lace knot. It turns out to be the double slip knot with the double starting knot. I think that combination is slightly more symmetrical than your version of the secure knot. I doubt that it is anymore secure, but it's easier to teach someone if you use the bunny ear method and say just double the number of turns for starting and finishing.

– Robert E., Ontariao, Canada, Jun-2006

On the other hand I am working on “Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot”. Very fine, indeed. I will seldom need it, but I showed a friend of mine, who will take advantage of it.

And, as it happens, I have two sons coming to learn Shoelace Knots right now. I will show them “Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot” as Standard and I hope they will never in their life suffer from untied shoelaces.

– Dr. Michael P., Germany, May-2006

Thanks so much for making this great site! I finally learned how to tie a shoe lace without it coming undone. I use to use the standard shoelace knot, but your Ian knot and secure Ian knot work much better!

– Eric, Mar-2006

I believe I'm a convert to the your “Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot”. It incorporates the security of the additional wrap -- with the eloquence of using two loops.

– Matt D., Northern Illinois, USA, Mar-2006

I had been using the same standard knot for 50 years and tried your secure knot on my sneakers - they did not come untied for the whole day even though the ends were almost dragging the ground.

– Dave G., Florida, USA, Mar-2006

My “untie” problem is now in the past..it was just as you said, I was making a slip knot. That's the way I was taught as a child.

I first tried your, Ian Secure Knot. That was my solution! That was my shoelace security forever!

– Dave P., Feb-2006

I just tried one off your Ian's Secure Knots, and I plan to use it on my boots on a hunt soon. The laces tend to loosen even when I use the double bow.

Isn't your Secure knot essentially a reverse surgeon's knot with the quick release?

– Gene M., Texas, USA, Feb-2006

Thanks for the info. Wanted a more reliable knot for my cross country running shoes, looks like your secure knot is the one.

– Peter M., UK, Jan-2006

I decided to look at other knots on your site out of curiosity and I think that the Ian Secure Knot is really cool/neat/interesting. I'm totally going to try and use that from now on. I always double-knotted my shoes, but maybe now I won't have to :-)

– Tracy D., Ontario, Canada, Dec-2005

i was reading up on ian's secure knot. it was actually the first knot i learned when i was a kid, since i found the standard knot to be complicated. it's more of a “ribbon” kind of knot.

– Jeff T., Manila, Philippines, Dec-2005

I'm a climber, so knots are something of an interest - not wanting to fall to a horrible death, and all that - but I've never spent much time considering how to actually knot my laces, or lace my boots up. Your secure knot looks like it could be v useful.

– Jon W., Nov-2005

I'm emailing you back to tell you my secure knot.

1. Tie an “Ian Secure Knot”
2. Use the “Loop the Loop” finish
3. With the elongated loose end, tie another “Ian Secure Knot”

The Result is a very secure two stage knot, that requires two pulls to untie. It's not the prettiest knot but I've worn the shoes for three days strait when camping and they've never come undone.

– Nathan K., California, USA, Oct-2005

Ian's Reply: As for your super-duper triple-whammy ultra-secure shoelace knot, I can well imagine that it hasn't come undone, though I wonder if you'll EVER get it undone!

– Ian Fieggen, Oct-2005

I'm 48, and I never learned to tie my shoes correctly. I did the two loop method. I considered looking for a children's book to teach me, then figured it's got to be on the net. I tried the Ian Knot and the Secure Knot,and I love them both. Now I feel like I have secret (superior) knowledge to everyone who did learn when they were kids.

– Kathy W., Maryland, USA, Sep-2005

What a great site! I will never double knot my shoes again now that I've discovered the “Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot”.

– Georgia, USA, Sep-2005

Every fall, I go hiking and I resorted to “double knotting” my shoes. Now, with the “Ian's Secure Knot”, they hardly EVER come untied, and on the rare occasion they do, the ladder lacing keeps them tight until I have a chance to tie them again. Thanks for all of your help! I thought I learned how to tie shoes in kindergarten - but I didn't really learn until I read your site some 10 years later!

– Justin P. C., age 15, Ohio, USA, Aug-2005

I just undid my shoes and tried you're “secure” version of this knot. Unreal - that's all I can say. For two years I've been trying to use you're original knot on a pair of hiking boots with slick round shoe laces -- to no avail. I've always had to tie a bulky double knot of some kind that just isn't quite satisfactory. I'll definitely be sending links to you're site to friends and relatives.

– Rodney, Florida, USA, Aug-2005

After a couple more weeks, I now seem to have one Ian-knot tying six-year-old and a secure-Ian-tying four-year-old. For early-childhood pedagogy, we call the Secure-Ian “Double Bunny Ears,” and the Ian “Mouse Ears” (think of once you overlap the two loops as in your illustration). It was painless to teach them--one sitting.

– James D., Jul-2005

Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot is great - easy and secure, definitely more secure than a traditional knot, even with the “not recommended” double knot.

– Ken B., Jun-2005

I loved the Ian's secure knot - has made the waxed round laces that my work shoes use so much more secure - as good as the double knot I used to use which couldn't be loosed without effectively untying the knot rather than just pulling on a loose end. thank you.

– Andrew M., Queensland, Australia, Jun-2005

Many of the secure knots, both yours and the surgeons, are a major improvement over what I was using--the ugly knot that stays secure but is miserable to untie, especially when wet or ice-impregnated.

– Russ, Kentucky, USA, May-2005

I use to play soccer very often (each week at least 3 times) and i always had the problem with my “kindergarten” knot, that it went undone after a strong challenge or even without much contact after not very long time playing.

I searched for shoelace sites in google und found your sit thank god! I printed out the 3 pagaes of Ian's secure knot and immediately tried it a few times with one of my pairs (i own up to 10 pairs of soccer boots, kinda hobby *smile*) and it was really tight.

Now i already played soccer 2 times with 2 different pairs of boots and the knot was magnificent. It is really secure and it is the best shoelace knot for serious sports, as you have written!

– Bert, Bavaria, Germany, May-2005

I have switched to using your secure knot for all my shoes (I do a lot of sports and other activities in sports shoes). It is simply great. Easy to tie, no slippages, good looking.

– Christian L., Germany, May-2005

It was with the aid of your excellent diagrams, instructions and explanations, that I finally managed to teach them how to tie knots that can last for the whole schoolday!

I taught them the Ian Knot, the Standard Shoelace knot and the Ian Secure Knot over a period of about 2 weeks.

They find the Ian Knot too tricky. And the Standard Shoelace knot still comes undone even after making sure that they are not tying a Slip Knot. However, the Ian Secure Knot is the real lifesaver and really works very well for them.

My sons have gained confidence and self-esteem from this historic achievement. And I am finally relieved of the perennial worry for their personal safety in school should their laces come undone and cause them to trip.

– Jacqueline, Singapore, May-2005

WOW, I've been tying ugly double knots in my shoes for as long as I've been alive.

I really like the secure knot, it comes out so nice!

– Bridget G., Apr-2005

I've been looking for a more secure way to tie my work boots for a while now, and your Secure Knot, though tricky to tie the first few times is most definitely vastly more secure than any other knot I have tried.

– Mike I., Apr-2005

i am a cinematographer by profession and the constant running, stooping, climbing, lifting always caused the laces of my boots to come loose. not anymore, since i learnt the “Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot” !. i sometimes use army style black boots, which have very slippery nylon laces, and the secure knot has never failed on those as well.

– Vincent T., Apr-2005

I love the Ian's Secure Knot. It seems very easy and intuitive to tie.

– Robert G., Mar-2005

I am able to tie Ian's secure knot. It is wonderful. I have a pair of shoes that have often untied themselves with a regular shoelace knot. With Ian's secure knot I tie my shoes once, and know that they will not come untied.

– Jack T., Illinois, USA, Mar-2005

Hello Ian, after 40 years I found the perfect way to knot my shoelaces. No more dubble slipknots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Paul, Grootebroek, The Netherlands, Feb-2005

The first knot I tried was the Ian's Secure Knot. I liked it so much I didn't try any others.

– Henry T., Feb-2005

I have a 3.5 year old who loves to run and can never keep his shoelace tied by the day's end. I have tied double knots so his shoelace wouldn't come undone but would later have a terrible time undoing it. Your secure knot is a lifesaver ha!

– Audrey, USA, Feb-2005

For my running, “Ian's Secure Knot” is definitely the way to go, though I use the “Double Starting Knot” for step 1. For everyday use, “Ian's Knot” is great, and quick.

– Jim G., Canada, Jan-2005

We now use your web page to teach various types of tying at his elem school It was a safety issue before we taught Ian's secure knot, now they don't have to worry all day!

– Cher D., Jan-2005

I tried Ian's Secure Knot on my agressive skates, the knots haven't come loose yet! The knot also looks neat and cool compared to the knots my friend had tied in when he gave me the skates, thanks alot!

– Jones, PA, USA, Jan-2005

When I wear work-boots or athletic shoes they were always coming undone. Around the house this is a nuisance, on a construction site it can be fatal.

We have been passing on the information to all who will listen, willing or not.

– Mark C., Dec-2004

I've become a big fan of your secure knot. My hiking boots have had a habit of coming loose, but no more.

– Ed W., Dec-2004

As I was walking the dogs before going over to work this morning, I noticed for the upteenth time that the lace on one of my boots had come untied.

Tried the surgeons knot and it stayed tied all day. Think I will save the “Ian's Secure” for after Xmas.

– Barry T., North Carolina, USA, Dec-2004

I have been using your Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot with absolutely amazing success. I don't know if it is the shoe or lace construction of shoes in recent years, but I can't seem to keep my laces tied, until now!

– Al S., New York, USA, Nov-2004

The rawhide laces on my boatshoes were always coming undone. However, I've just learned “Ian's Secure Knot” and I'm convinced my problem will now be only a faint memory.

– Ken H., Ohio, USA, Nov-2004

When I have time, I use the “Ian's Secure Knot”, but otherwise, the “Ian Knot” is awesome!

– Aaron, KS, USA, Oct-2004

Your Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot really is great! I had resorted to double-knotting my laces because they kept slipping, but that resulted in a huge knot. Your knot has the same secureness, plus a small size. And your knot is immensely easier to untie!

– Rob M., Oct-2004

Your Secure Knot is great: solid, easy to tie, and good looking.

– Richard J., California, USA, Oct-2004

I did my morning run today with my shoes tied in the Ian Secure Knot. It was superior than the traditional knot in two ways. 1. I was sure it wasn't going to come loose on me. 2. It uses more of the string in the knot itself, so there isn't as much string flopping around. So count that as a success for sure.

– Rich N., Sep-2004

You solved an issue I was struggling with for quite some time with my boat shoes!

– Rob S., The Netherlands, Sep-2004

As for the secure knot, well it was easy to apply and it certainly lived up to its name. I use it now as a matter of course and wouldn't think of using anything else, especially with winter coming on and those snow boots having regulation slick and slippery laces.

– David C., Alberta, Canada, Sep-2004

Using the Secure Shoelace knot, works a treat, my laces never come undone anymore!

– Eddie, Fiji Islands, Aug-2004

My fingers ended up getting so mixed up trying to feed the loops through that the starting knot loosened up on me. Maybe that gets better with practice, but for now I'm going to have to use the old-way of double-tying my laces. Definitely a good idea, though, and it's great for simple casual knots. Wait a minute...why am I devoting this much time to talking about a shoelace knot?

– Nate, Korea, Aug-2004

I have switched to the secure knot for my work boots, running shoes, and hiking boots.

– Michael, Jul-2004

Just wanted to let you know that the Secure Knot works wonders. I play in an active sport and kept having my boots come untied, which was a pain when running on the field. Using your knot, I haven't had an issue since. Very cool.

– Dan C., USA, Jun-2004

i hate tying my shoes and the normal knot didnt hold for long, your secure knot worked really good at keeping my shoes tied.

– Missy C., Kansas, USA, Jun-2004

I tried Ian's secure knot because the regular tie of my hiking boots kept coming untied after a few miles. Your knot has stayed tied for many hikes into town and back.

– David S., May-2004

okay I think that I've lost the plot – here I sit on my computer trying out different knots (by the way I like this one best, I always seem to be doing up my laces – but NOT anymore!)
I can just imagine it now when my husband comes home.
“Did you have a busy day dear?”
“Oh yes, Ive learnt to tie my shoes differently”

– Nadia, Apr-2004

I am teaching my 4 year old daughter to tie her shoes and this is THE ONE! I figure it will take one day longer than the normal “rabbit ears”.

– Bridget R., Apr-2004

Hopefully I will remember the next time I tie ribbons in my daughters hair and will try this secure knot and see if they last her all day at school.

– Allison L., NZ, Apr-2004

BUT i LIKE your secure knot style as it is a bunny ear double loop (in a way) i knew the surgeons knot but DUMB me, never thought to use it on laces...what an insight!

– Gil, Mar-2004

I like your secure knot. It works great on keeping my bracers in place. I do medieval reenactment and they were always coming untied during combat. Now they will stay on my forearms securely for most of the day.

– Rei K., Mar-2004

I tried all the different knots on your site and found the Ian's secure knot the most useful/easy. It's symmetrical loops made it easier for me to do than the plain Ian's knot. (Probably it would just need practice but anyway) My girlfriend however liked Ian's knot more.

– Timo S., Tampere, Finland, Feb-2004

Nice one! My deckies are always coming undone...

– Digby F., Wilts, UK, Feb-2004

Finally, a knot that keeps the @#$% round nylon laces of my shoes tied. I have not had to retie them once today AND there is no double knot that takes me a long time to untie.

– Chris S., Jan-2004

Finally after spending much time looking for a fast and secured way to tie my shoes, I have finally found one with your Ian's Secure Knot. It's truly secured and easy to use. My shoes seem even to fit and feel better with your Secure Knot. Thank you very much!

– Tam N., Jan-2004

Just got a pair of hiking shoes. They came with these thick, round laces. I could not take more than 20 steps before they would come undone. Slows the hiking down considerably. Tried your knot and it was much better. However, the Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot was the best for these laces.

– George E., Jan-2004

I've been walking around, with one of the most terrible knots in the world! I've always wondered why my shoelaces keep coming undone, and now I know why. 10 minutes practise, and it seems like second nature.

– James C., Nov-2003

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Ian Fieggen loves his shoelaces – and even has testimonials to his knot on his webpage. Add me, Ian, this knot rocks!

– Adam Spencer (author, comedian, maths geek...), Australia.
– Excerpted from Adam's 2017 book: “The Number Games”.

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