One Handed Knot Flip Book

One Handed Shoelace Knot diagram

Here's a simple knot for tying shoes with one hand. Lace the shoe with the bottom end permanently tied off, then secure the top end with a simple loop knot.

NOTE: The following lacing diagrams are upside-down compared to the other Lacing Methods on this website, as they are drawn from the perspective of tying the shoe.

Across and in through left eyelet
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Across and in through left eyelet.
Across and out through right eyelet.
Form a loop across straight section.
Feed under straight section and out.
Pull emerging loop to the right.
Pull tight to complete the knot.

Finished Knot

Finished One Handed Shoelace Knot

The finished One Handed Shoelace Knot should be tightly bunched against the eyelet, which will then stay quite secure (unlike many other one-handed shoelace knots).

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