Moccasin Shoelace Knot

Moccasin Shoelace Knot diagram

Commonly used on moccasins and slippers, this knot is decorative only and does not hold tight. Two loops are crossed at the middle, then secured with a simple overhand knot.

Step 1:

Fold left (blue) end into a “loop”

Unlike almost all other shoelace knots, the Moccasin Knot does not begin with a Starting Knot. Instead, the left (blue) end is formed into a “loop” by simply doubling it back onto itself.

Step 2:

Cross right (yellow) end over loop

Cross the right (yellow) end over to the left, passing in front of the left (blue) loop.

Step 3:

Continue right (yellow) end behind loop

Continue the right (yellow) end around the left loop to end up at the back between the two loops.

Step 4:

Feed end under and wrap around front

Feed right (yellow) end under the bottom and begin to wrap around the front.

Step 5:

Continue to wrap end around back

Continue right (yellow) end over the top and wrap around the back.

Step 6:

Tuck under to form overhand knot

Tuck the right (yellow) end under the previously formed loop to create an overhand knot, with the loose end positioned alongside the right (blue) loop.

Step 7:

Pull tight to complete the knot

Hold the right (blue) loop and the right (yellow) loose end with the right hand, then hold the left (yellow) loop with the left hand and pull tight to complete the knot.

Technical Details

Mirrored Symmetry

I've seen other Moccasin Knot tutorials that begin by creating two separate loops, then crossing one loop in front of the other. Most of these techniques result in a finished knot with one loose end towards the front and the other towards the back. This just looks wrong!

Instead, the instructions on this page carefully form the second loop around the first loop rather than simply crossing in front. This ends up with both loose ends correctly positioned at the front of the finished knot, resulting in a more visually pleasing “mirrored” symmetry. It just looks right!

Lack of Security

Unlike most other shoelace knots, which typically hold the sides of a shoe closed, the Moccasin Knot does not hold tight. In fact, once the knot is tied, the middle of the knot can simply be pulled away from the shoe. It's thus purely a decorative knot, often adorning the front of slip-on shoes like moccasins or slippers.

Of course, the Moccasin Knot can be used on other shoes – as long as you're okay with it being completely loose.

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