Lattice Lacing (lug version)

Lug Lattice Lacing

A lug version of Lattice Lacing. This very popular method forms a decorative lattice in the middle of the lacing. The laces are crossed at a steep angle, allowing them to be woven through each other.

Four pairs of lugs

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Lacing Technique

• Begin straight across the bottom (grey section) and up through both bottom lugs.

• Cross the ends and feed through the 2nd pair of lugs from the top of the shoe (skip past 1 pair of lugs).

• Cross the ends and feed through the 2nd pair of lugs from the bottom of the shoe.

• Cross the ends and feed through the top pair of lugs (skip past 1 pair of lugs).


Very popular!

Decorative look

Tricky to tighten

11% shorter ends (approx.)


It's easier to do the weaving and get all the “Overs” and “Unders” correct if you firstly lace one end all the way to the top of the shoe. For example, complete the left (blue) end, then weave the right (yellow) end in and out.

Shoelace Lengths for Lug Lattice Lacing

Pairs of lugs: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Length needed: (N/A) (N/A) 101 cm
40 inch
(N/A) (N/A) 140 cm
55 inch
Lengths available: 40" 54"

NOTE: These are approximate shoelace lengths for using this lacing on an average sized sneaker. For more accurate lengths, use the Shoelace Length Calculator.

Comparative Length

Longer shoelaces needed than those for basic Lug Criss Cross Lacing.

Shorter ends if existing shoelaces are re-used (−11% on average).

More details.

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