Ladder Lacing (lug version)

A lug version of Ladder Lacing. It also looks very similar to Lug Infinity ∞ Lacing, and is useful when the lugs are too narrow to fit two passes of shoelace.

Diagram for 4 pairs of lugs

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Lacing Technique

• Begin straight across the bottom (grey section) and up through both bottom lugs.

• The ends continue straight up through the next higher set of lugs up the shoe.

• Cross the ends, running diagonally across and down the shoe, then feed under the vertical lace sections on the opposite sides of the shoe before running straight up over the top of the lugs.

• Repeat running up through the next higher lugs, then crossing and feeding under the vertical sections on the opposite side, until lacing is completed.


1 For normal use, the ends are tied at the top as usual.

2 For a consistent look plus additional tightening, the ends can once again be fed under the vertical sections on the opposite sides before tying at the middle.


Distinctive look

Stays very tight

Harder to tighten

25% shorter ends (approx.)


This lacing can be made to look even more similar to Lug Infinity ∞ Lacing as follows: Instead of feeding under the vertical sections before running straight up in front of the lugs, try running over the vertical sections before running upwards behind the lugs. This hides those vertical sections of shoelace that would otherwise run over the top of the lugs.

Lug Ladder Lacing Gallery

White Reebok sneakers with red & black trim and white Lug Ladder Lacing (from Jeff S) Tan Cherokee sneakers with black trim and patterned tan & black combination of Lug Spider Web Lacing and Lug Ladder Lacing (from Brian S) White New Balance sneakers with light grey & dark grey trim and brown Lug Ladder Lacing (from Larry B) Brown Cat work boots with dark brown Ladder Lacing (from Mike S) Black work boots with yellow combination of Over Under Lacing and Knotted Segment Lacing and Lug Ladder Lacing (from Marcus)

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Shoelace Lengths for Lug Ladder Lacing

Pairs of lugs: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Length needed: 65 cm
26 inch
81 cm
32 inch
96 cm
38 inch
111 cm
44 inch
127 cm
50 inch
142 cm
56 inch
158 cm
62 inch
Lengths available: 27" 36" 36" 45" 54" 54" 63"

NOTE: These are approximate shoelace lengths for using this lacing on an average sized sneaker. For more accurate lengths, use the Shoelace Length Calculator.

Comparative Length

Longer shoelaces needed than those for basic Lug Criss Cross Lacing.

Shorter ends if existing shoelaces are re-used (−25% on average).

More details.

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