Lug Infinity ∞ Lacing

Specifically for shoes with lugs, this lacing resembles a series of infinity “∞” symbols. This lacing works best with thinner shoelaces because each lug needs to accommodate two passes of shoelace.

Diagram for 4 pairs of lugs

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Lacing Technique

• Begin straight across the bottom (grey section) and up through both bottom lugs.

• Cross the ends, running diagonally across and down the shoe, feeding back into the bottom of the adjacent lug on the opposite side. There will already be a lace running through that lug, so this will be a tight fit.

• Run the ends straight up through those lugs, then continue straight up and through the next higher set of lugs up the shoe.

• Repeat crossing the ends and feeding up through lugs until lacing is completed.


Decorative look

Harder to tighten

No thick laces

52% shorter ends (approx.)


If the shoelaces are too thick to run twice through the lugs, an alternative is Lug Ladder Lacing, which looks very similar but runs the second pass of shoelace over the lugs instead of through them.

Lug Infinity Lacing Gallery

Brown and tan Vans sneakers with pink and white trim and white Lug Infinity Lacing (from Andrea McD) Tan combat boots with tan combination of Ladder Lacing and Lug Infinity Lacing (from Jeff B) Navy blue British Knights shoes with white trim and navy blue combination of Lug Infinity Lacing and Lattice Lacing (from Cristi) Patterned red & white PUMA Ferraris with red Lug Infinity Lacing Black Skechers Shape-Ups with fluoro orange Lug Infinity Lacing Black Arbesko work boots with grey trim and black combination of Lug Infinity Lacing and Lug Criss Cross Lacing (from Daniel D) Black  Zrocs Slits with white trim and white & black combination of Lug Infinity Lacing and Unknown Lacing (from Derek S) White Nike cheerleading shoes with white Lug Infinity Lacing (from Molly B)

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Shoelace Lengths for Lug Infinity ∞ Lacing

Pairs of lugs: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Length needed: 90 cm
35 inch
105 cm
41 inch
120 cm
47 inch
136 cm
54 inch
151 cm
60 inch
167 cm
66 inch
182 cm
72 inch
Lengths available: 36" 40" 45" 54" 63" 63" 72"

NOTE: These are approximate shoelace lengths for using this lacing on an average sized sneaker. For more accurate lengths, use the Shoelace Length Calculator.

Comparative Length

Longer shoelaces needed than those for basic Lug Criss Cross Lacing.

Shorter ends if existing shoelaces are re-used (−52% on average).

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