Loop the Loop Shoelace Knot

Also known as the "Klets Knot", this method makes any regular shoelace knot more secure: Tie a Standard Shoelace Knot (or even an Ian Knot), then feed one loop through the other loop and pull it tight like a noose.

Loop the Loop Shoelace Knot diagram 1

Step 1:

Start with a completed shoelace knot, using either the Standard Shoelace Knot or any other method including my own Ian Knot.

Loop the Loop Shoelace Knot diagram 2

Step 2:

Feed one loop into the other loop. In this diagram, the right (yellow) loop is fed into the left (blue) loop, though either way will work fine. The right (yellow) loop is now on the left.

Loop the Loop Shoelace Knot diagram 3

Step 3:

While holding the knot secure, start to pull the loose right (blue) end to tighten the "noose" around the left (yellow) loop.

Loop the Loop Shoelace Knot diagram 4

Step 4:

The right (blue) loop will end up pulled tight into the knot, leaving only the left (yellow) loop. The right (blue) end will end up quite long, so the lacing may need to be adjusted to make that end shorter and prevent it dragging.

Finished Knot

Finished Loop the Loop Shoelace Knot picture

The finished knot has only one visible loop (instead of two), which points to one side (the left), making it look lopsided.

Technical Details

Untying the Loop the Loop Knot

Because the right (blue) end was used to tighten this knot, you'll have to use the left (yellow) end to loosen this knot. It's easy to remember because the knot is lopsided: Pull the loose end that's on the same side as the loop.

The end will need to be pulled quite hard because the "noose" is very effective at securing the knot.

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