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Shoe Lacing

The most extensive section of this website, including over 100 × step-by-step shoe lacing tutorials, 2,500 × shoe lacing photos, plus the interactive “Create-a-Lace” for designing your own lacing.

Table of Contents

Lacing Methods Shoe Lacing Methods

An extensive selection of 62 × shoe lacing tutorials, including traditional, decorative, functional and military methods.

Bi-Color Lacing Methods Bi-Color Lacing Methods

Lacing shoes with two different colors is a great way to display country or team colors or simply to make use of the spare shoelaces that are supplied with many sneakers nowadays.

Lug Lacing Methods Lug Lacing Methods

Many shoes, sneakers and boots come with lugs or hooks instead of eyelets. This section presents a number of variations of regular Lacing Methods adapted to run through lugs or hooks.

U-Lace Methods U-Lace Methods

U-Lace are short, individual elasticized segments for simple, modular lacing – even in multiple colors. This section presents a number of variations of regular Lacing Methods adapted for use with U-Lace.

Create-a-Lace Create-a-Lace

Experimenting with Shoe Lacing Methods on a real shoe can be tedious. Create-a-Lace is a “virtual diagram” that makes it so much easier. Your creations can even be shared with others by simply sharing the URL.

2 Trillion Methods? 2 Trillion Lacing Methods?

On an average shoe with six pairs of eyelets, there are almost 2 Trillion ways to feed a shoelace through those twelve eyelets! Impossible? This page shows the maths behind that extraordinary number.

Lacing Comparison Shoe Lacing Comparison

I've presented a number of different Shoe Lacing Methods on this website. This page compares them feature by feature to help you choose.

Lacing ratings 1 to 5 stars Shoe Lacing Ratings

All of the Shoe Lacing Methods on this site allow visitors to rate them from 1 to 5 stars (1=Awful to 5=Excellent). This page shows the results of those ratings.

Lacing Photos Shoe Lacing Photos

Huge gallery of more than 2,500 photos of sneakers, shoes, boots & more with every imaginable combination of lacing methods – all contributed by site visitors.

Recent Visitor Feedback

Created the PERFECT jump boot combination!

I recently acquired a pair of Corcoran 1500s, timeless to style, but time-consuming to lace with 12 eyelet pairs! Using an under-over from the bottom to the 5th eyelet for keeping my foot secure, adding the gap/army lacing “jump” to skip over the 6th eyelet that cut into my leg when moving and put undue tension on the leather, finishing with 4 rows of bar lacing to provide even and comfortable support, then using the 11th and 12th eyelets to form a lace lock, I made my already perfect jump boots even better!

This combination:

-Made it easy to tighten around the foot by simply pulling the gap loops, easy to loosen by pulling apart

-Removed discomfort around the ankle

-Helped keep the laces at desired tightness with friction created by the bar pattern

-Made the leg of the boot feel more like a sock without typical cross-lacing pressure points

Plus, it looks really unique in a way that is still somewhat clean!

Thank you for the variety of methods and inspiration!

- James D., Aug-2022

I went to Youtube and found some videos that teach how to lace shoes. I thought that the video on Youtube was hard to follow, so I continued searching, and then I found your site.

I'm sending you this email to thank you because I think your website has a lot of lace and tying styles and it's very easy to follow. I really like your interactive tutorial because I can choose pairs of eyelets and I can also click through any step. That's very helpful.

– Nattakrit J., Bangkok, Thailand, Jun-2022

I've been using your lacing methods for some time over a year now, love the practicality of some, the flash of others, & the in-betweens

– J.D. F., Apr-2022

Thanks to you I got over a 100 likes on Facebook because of the way I laces my skates. I've never got that many like for anything I've ever posted.

– Kimberly B., Dec-2021

I was looking for some new lacing patterns for my sneakers, and I'm glad I found your website. I didn't realize there were so many different ways to learn; now I'm hooked, and so far have done three pairs of shoes.

– Vince B., Indiana, USA, May-2021

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