Shoelace Knot Ratings

Lacing ratings 1 to 5 stars

All of the Shoelace Knots on this site allow visitors to rate them from 1 to 5 stars (1=Awful to 5=Excellent). This page shows the results of those ratings.

Sort By: Method Rating Votes

Berluti Knot (4.2 stars, 0.6 votes/week)

Better Bow Knot (4.3 stars, 1.7 votes/week)

Boat Shoe Knot (4.1 stars, 2.1 votes/week)

Crossed Ian Knot (3.5 stars, 0.4 votes/week)

Double Ian Knot (3.9 stars, 0.6 votes/week)

Double Knot (3.5 stars, 0.6 votes/week)

Equality Knot (4.2 stars, 0.4 votes/week)

FreedomKnot (3.9 stars, 1.2 votes/week)

Halloween Knot (4.1 stars, 2.6 votes/week)

Ian Knot (4.5 stars, 39.5 votes/week)

Ian's Secure Knot (4.7 stars, 15.4 votes/week)

Loop the Loop Knot (2.9 stars, 0.6 votes/week)

Mega Ian Knot (4 stars, 0.7 votes/week)

One Handed Knot (3.7 stars, 1.4 votes/week)

Reef Knot (3.9 stars, 1.4 votes/week)

Standard Knot (4.1 stars, 3.6 votes/week)

Surgeon's Knot (4.4 stars, 1.7 votes/week)

Turquoise Turtle Knot (4.1 stars, 0.9 votes/week)

Two Loop Knot (4.2 stars, 1.7 votes/week)

Two Stage Knot (3.1 stars, 0.4 votes/week)

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