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Ian during a radio interview

I've participated in countless interviews and articles over the past decades. This archive contains heaps of useful info – plus it gives a glimpse into the life of “Professor Shoelace”.

The Archive

The Wall Street Journal (USA), Feb-2007 The Wall Street Journal (USA)

Feb-2007: Following a lengthy telephone interview, Aaron Rutkoff of the Wall Street Journal wrote a well-rounded article that really captured the spirit of Ian's Shoelace Site.

Sneaker Freaker (Australia) Sneaker Freaker (Australia)

Jul-2006: Ten-page feature in Sneaker Freaker magazine – and my most detailed article to date. Images from this article have been copied all over the Internet without credit.

The Washington Post (USA), Aug-2005 The Washington Post (USA)

Aug-2005: A simple interview mainly asking for details about the website, resulting in a nice little article that was even picked up by a couple of other newspapers.

Politiken (Denmark), Mar-2005 Politiken (Denmark)

Mar-2005: After being asked about the declining quality of shoelaces, my reply triggered an experiment in which Danish readers were requested to compare their shoelace knots to my Ian Knot.

Run The Planet (USA) Run The Planet (USA)

Apr-2006: Lengthy article highlighting the importance of shoelaces to runners, walkers and hikers. It's also where the pseudonym “Professor Shoelace” first appeared.

Esquire (USA), Apr-2007 Esquire (USA)

Apr-2007: In this telephone interview, I was asked some deliberately provocative questions, giving the published interview an “edgy” style.


Oct-2007: An interview about shoe lacing methods, from which four popular methods were chosen and featured in a small “How to:” article.

CBC Radio (Canada), Jan-2004 CBC Radio (Canada)

Jan-2004: A short, tongue-in-cheek debate in which I defend the practice of teaching the skill of shoelace tying in an era of more efficient alternatives like Velcro or zippers.

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