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Fun, fashion & science in the Internet's #1 website about shoelaces – and home of the Ian Knot, the world's fastest shoelace knot. If you want to lace shoes, tie shoes or learn about shoelaces, “Ian's Shoelace Site” is the place!

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Lacing Shoes Lacing Shoes

The most extensive section of this website, including over 100 × step-by-step shoe lacing tutorials, 2,000 × shoe lacing photos, plus the interactive “Create-a-Lace” for designing your own lacing.

Tying Shoes Tying Shoes

Contains 20 × shoelace knots, including my world's fastest “Ian Knot”, plus important info on preventing the “Granny Knot”, which causes shoelaces to sit crooked and come undone.

Learn About Shoelaces Learn About Shoelaces

Heaps of knowledge about shoelaces, including their construction, length calculations – even what the tips are called, as well as Ian's interviews, articles, reviews, Q&As and more.

About About

Information about this website and the site's author, Ian Fieggen – including Ian's contact details. Also info on this site's sponsors plus various ways that you, too, can support Ian.

Connect With Professor Shoelace Connect With Professor Shoelace

Contact Ian Fieggen via e-mail or connect with “Professor Shoelace” via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gfycat or RSS feed.

Search This Site Search This Site

Looking for something? This website has more than 260 pages – which can be daunting to wade through! Search the whole of Ian's Shoelace Site using Google Custom Search.

Latest Photo


Shoe lacing photo high-res repost (originally posted in low-res on 03-Dec-2006).

Black Lakai Monarchs with patterned grey trim laced with black Hidden Knot Lacing (from Manny T.)

The knots are completely hidden, yet Manny says there is “no discomfort at all”.

Black Lakai Monarchs with patterned grey trim laced with black Hidden Knot Lacing (from Manny T.)

More Shoe Lacing Photos

Latest Video

08-Oct-2020 – Ian's Laces app for Android

This is my first video for some time, showing my Android app that I've been working on for the past few months – Ian's Laces. If you're a perfectionist like me, an app like this is a lot of work, but the end result is something I'm quite proud of!

What's New?

Updated “Interviews & Articles” Updated “Interviews & Articles”

06-May-2021 – Added a 2011 article in our local newspaper about my Ian Knot, website and book, which was later picked up by one of Melbourne's major newspapers.

Added photos from “Laces” Added photos from “Laces”

23-Apr-2021 – Added more than fifty shoe lacing photos from my 2007 book, Laces, to the individual galleries of the respective methods' pages.

Updated “Interviews & Articles” Updated “Interviews & Articles”

17-Apr-2021 – Added 2008 interview on ABC Radio, Melbourne, Australia with host Red Symons, speaking mostly about my “Ian Knot”.

Updated “Shoelace As Seen In The News” Updated “Shoelaces As Seen In The News”

27-Mar-2021 – Added news story about shoelaces being used in an extended service station robbery in Zimbabwe.

Updated “Shoe Lacing Photos” Updated “Shoe Lacing Photos”

21-Feb-2021 – I'm steadily working my way back through the “Shoe Lacing Photos” gallery, updating all contributions to hi-res (if available). Today sees the completion of all photos from 2019: Photo 2267 to Photo 2364.

Recent Visitor Feedback

I just came across your site and I absolutely love it, the layout, the vibe I’m getting from this site is literally amazing

– Oyinkansola O., May-2021

This site is the best I've ever come across for shoelace shenanigans. Thank you so much for all your effort to make the bland day-to-day shoelace utilization become a small way to show some serious style!

– Jonathan B., USA, Apr-2021

I also like very much the spirit of “the old web” - your own website on perhaps a bit obscure but valuable information. Very well done, and a big thank you from the other side of the world.

– Jani P., Helsinki, Finland, Apr-2021

I love the way your website has developed over the years and the different formats that you give now are excellent. For all of this I thank you.

– Sean C., Manchester, England, Apr-2021

Many, many years ago, I wrote to you. I recall commenting about such a unique interest in lacing shoes. I was impressed, at that time, that people have a wide interest in so many things in the world. At that time in my life, it made a difference, supporting individual rights for choices.

You were gracious in responding to my email. It may have been soon after you started. I am well into retirement now and one of my joys is just saying hello. If it has been two decades, you must have impressed me.

It is nice to have memories.

– Frida H., Kent, Washington State, USA, Apr-2021

Just wanted to say thank you for all of the effort you have put into your website. I stumbled upon it by happenstance years and years ago and was delighted by how clearly and concisely everything was laid out. The step-by-step visual aids are amazingly helpful.

I figured with as many times as I've found myself gushing about your website when I find myself discussing the somewhat obscure topic of shoelaces, it is about damn time I said thank you to it's creator.

So, thank you. :)

– Jessica M., Portland, OR, USA, Apr-2021

I just discovered your shoelace website, really cool site and reminds me of the internet from when it was much younger; simple to the point and informative. I live it!

– Dan K., Apr-2021

I'm a skate shop in Washington, DC and heavily involved in a number of very large roller derby and beginner skater groups. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but your site has been NO SHORTAGE of resources for all kinds of skaters around the world for a very long time now. From locking in heels to patterns for wide feet - so many people are having a better experience thanks to your site.

So... thank you!!

– Adrienne S., Washington, DC, USA, Apr-2021

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