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Shoelaces occasionally make an appearance in the news, where they have been involved in good and bad, happy and sad events. Here's some links to various news stories involving shoelaces.

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News Story Excerpts – 2019

Fans Surprised as Richardson Gets Bat Grip & Shoe Laces as Player of the Match Award

– News18 (USA), 12-Jan-2019

Cricket player Jhye Richardson (image: ICC)

Jhye Richardson’s spell of 4-26 was instrumental in Australia’s 34-run win over India in the first ODI of the series on Saturday and the young pacer was named Player of the Match afterwards.

In a nice gesture, the prize money meant to be handed out to the player was donated to charity but the alternative award handed to Richardson – a bat grip and some shoe laces – had many fans confused.

What, they can't even give him a bottle of champagne or something? Worst prize ever
– Sami Dowd (@samidowd) January 12, 2019

Full story on News18 website

Pregnant Carrie Underwood Gets Help Tying Her Shoelaces

– POPSUGAR (USA), 04-Jan-2019

Carrie Underwood's family tying her shoelaces (image: Instagram)

Carrie Underwood, now in her third trimester, has shared an Instagram video of what it's like to reach that inevitable time – when you physically can't bend over enough to tie your own damn shoelaces – herself.

"I can no longer tie my own shoes," she professed in a caption alongside a video of her husband, Mike Fisher, tying one silver sparkly sneaker while her 3-year-old son Isaiah attempted to tie the other. "So glad I have such sweet helpers!"

After Isaiah was clearly diverting from a standard tie and exclaimed he was going to tie it a "cool way," Carrie sweetly said: "You're doing a good job, buddy. Let Daddy fix it a little bit ... if you do it too cool, I can't get it off later. Daddy will fix it."

Full story on POPSUGAR website

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