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Shoelaces occasionally make an appearance in the news, where they have been involved in good and bad, happy and sad events. Here's some excerpts from various news stories involving shoelaces.

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News Story Excerpts – 2019

5-year-old battling bone cancer has last round of chemo

– Wave 3 News (USA), 06-Sep-2019

Bone cancer patient DJ Schott (photo: Team DJ 'Go for the Gold' Facebook

On December 7, 2018, another child stepped on DJ’s untied shoelace, causing him to fall. After DJ was dropped off at home by the school bus, he was taken to the ER, where an X-ray found a break in his humerus bone and a large mass at the break site.

DJ was taken to Norton Children’s Hospital, where a bone biopsy led to the diagnosis of Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.

Full story on Wave 3 News website

Heartwarming photo shows little boy jumping into Fourth of July parade to tie officer's shoelace

– Yahoo Lifestyle (USA), 06-Jul-2019

Boy ties soldier's shoelace during parade (photo: Wendy Collins Smith)

A kid hopped into a Fourth of July parade to help an Honor Guard tie his shoelaces in a viral moment that’s awarded him a police medal.

During Thursday’s Fourth of July festivities in Arlington, Texas, a two-mile march downtown, Officer Jarrick Wilson saw that his shoelace was untied. The DWI enforcement unit officer who works nights signaled the other guards to slow down and while the group was deciding how to juggle their American flags or rifle, a boy named Josh raced over to help.

Full story on Yahoo Lifestyle website

Model in Sao Paulo dies after taking ill on catwalk

– ABC News (USA), 27-Apr-2019

Male model Tales Soares, attended to by paramedics (photo: The Associated Press)

Daily Folha de S. Paulo reported that Soares tripped on his shoelace and fell. According to the paper, people in the crowd initially thought his fall was part of a performance.

Full story on ABC News website

Ian's Comment: The shoelaces were later ruled out – although I can see that the trailing ribbons could definitely have contributed.

Jury Sides With Police In Tasing Case Of Maryville, Missouri, Teen With Autism

– KCUR Radio (USA), 11-Apr-2019

X26 Taser (stock photo: KCUR)

According to the lawsuit, Kramer was returning home from school one evening when he stopped on the edge of trooper Jim David Farmer’s yard to tie his shoelace.

Farmer approached him and asked, “Can I help you with something?”

Kramer, who was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 ½ years old, ran away. Farmer then called the Maryville Police Department and told them that Kramer had been heading toward his front door.

Police body cam video introduced as evidence showed two of the officers ordering Kramer to stop resisting as he wailed and screamed that he wanted to go home. One of them then shot Kramer with his Taser at least twice.

Full story on KCUR website

Shoelace, Glue Traps: Fort Lee Detective, Officer Nab Postal Box Fishing Thieves

– Daily Voice (USA), 21-Feb-2019

Postal box fishing thieves Baucum and Malabuyoc (photos: Fort Lee PD)

Fighting the growing trend of check thefts from postal boxes, Fort Lee police nabbed a Teaneck man and a companion who they said had collected a bundle with a shoelace and glue traps.

[Detectives] Findanis and Kelly also discovered the glue traps and shoelace -- commonly used for mailbox fishing -- as well as several bogus credit cards and checks, bank receipts and marijuana, Hintze said.

Full story on Daily Voice website

Nike's Android app doesn't run well with its Adapt BB self-tying shoes
Have you tried rebooting the shoes?

– CNET (USA), 18-Feb-2019

Nike Adapt BB firmware update fail (photo: CNET)

The Adapt BB needed a firmware update in its first week, which could only be installed via an iOS or Android app, Nike executives said in January.

But for people using Android, the app for the self-tying sneakers hasn't been a perfect fit. Multiple reviews for the Nike Adapt app on Google's Play Store said that it hasn't connected to the left shoe, and an update rendered the sneaker's main feature useless.

You're still able to wear the sneakers and walk around in them, but all the smart features from the app stopped working with the update, frustrated users said.

Full story on CNET website

Fans Surprised as Richardson Gets Bat Grip & Shoe Laces as Player of the Match Award

– News18 (USA), 12-Jan-2019

Cricket player Jhye Richardson (image: ICC)

Jhye Richardson’s spell of 4-26 was instrumental in Australia’s 34-run win over India in the first ODI of the series on Saturday and the young pacer was named Player of the Match afterwards.

In a nice gesture, the prize money meant to be handed out to the player was donated to charity but the alternative award handed to Richardson – a bat grip and some shoe laces – had many fans confused.

What, they can't even give him a bottle of champagne or something? Worst prize ever
– Sami Dowd (@samidowd) January 12, 2019

Full story on News18 website

Pregnant Carrie Underwood Gets Help Tying Her Shoelaces

– POPSUGAR (USA), 04-Jan-2019

Carrie Underwood's family tying her shoelaces (image: Instagram)

Carrie Underwood, now in her third trimester, has shared an Instagram video of what it's like to reach that inevitable time – when you physically can't bend over enough to tie your own damn shoelaces – herself.

"I can no longer tie my own shoes," she professed in a caption alongside a video of her husband, Mike Fisher, tying one silver sparkly sneaker while her 3-year-old son Isaiah attempted to tie the other. "So glad I have such sweet helpers!"

After Isaiah was clearly diverting from a standard tie and exclaimed he was going to tie it a "cool way," Carrie sweetly said: "You're doing a good job, buddy. Let Daddy fix it a little bit ... if you do it too cool, I can't get it off later. Daddy will fix it."

Full story on POPSUGAR website

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