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Shoelaces occasionally make an appearance in the news, where they have been involved in good and bad, happy and sad events. Here's some excerpts from various news stories involving shoelaces.

News Story Excerpts – 2021

Teen rescued his mom by creating a makeshift tourniquet with a shoelace and some inspiration from Grey's Anatomy

– CNN (USA), 18-Dec-2021

Photo 13

Kristen fell outside of her home in Glenburn, just north of Bangor, after slipping on some ice that she mistook for rain.

The fall caused the coffee cup in her hand to break, cutting her wrist in the process.

“I'm there on my knees looking for anything to use and I rip off the laces on my new shoes,” Cyrus explained. “I didn't take a second to untie them or anything.”

On the side of the house, he found a small piece of plywood and began making the tourniquet. He made a knot with the shoelaces on her arm, put the stick on the knot and began twisting.

Full story on CNN website

Parents Of Girl With Down Syndrome To Sue School For Tying Daughter's Mask Using Shoelace

– International Business Times (USA), 02-Dec-2021

The family said they found out about it after their daughter, Sofia, stepped off the bus on Oct. 7 with the mask tied up. The mask was held in place with a shoelace that was knotted to the back of her head.

Staff members of the school admitted to using the shoelace to tie the mask but said they did not tie it tightly and did not notice the girl showing any signs of distress, CBS-affiliated News 6 WKMG reported.

Investigators spoke to the school's staff members, who said they used the shoelace to keep Sofia's mask in place after seeing a suggestion provided by the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation.

Full story on International Business Times website

Ian's Comment: See also follow-up story in 2022.

Dusan Lajovic forced into on-court wardrobe repair after shoelace snaps

– Eurosport (Europe), 26-Nov-2021

Photo 12

The opening singles match between Serbia and Austria witnessed a peculiar incident when Dusan Lajovic's shoelace snapped mid-match, forcing the Serb into an unexpected on-court repair of the damaged trainer while opponent Gerald Melzer looked on.

“Oh dear,” exclaimed Barry Millns on commentary for Eurosport. “He scraped his knee and now he’s broken his shoelace.”

Full story on Eurosport website

Watch Ballon d’Or hopeful Robert Lewandowski net incredible overhead kick with his LACES UNDONE in snowy Bayern win

– The Sun (USA), 23-Nov-2021

Photo 11

Quick as a flash, world-class Lewandowski positioned himself back-to-goal before launching a wonderful mid-air bicycle kick.

And replays showed Lewandowski’s shoe laces were not even tied up when he jumped, making his spectacular shot even more special.

Full story on The Sun website

Some creative uses for shoelaces

– The Riverdale Press (USA), 21-Nov-2021

Shoelaces usually have one use: tying your shoes. But some thieves found another job for them – tying up a victim as they robbed their apartment.

They tied the victim’s wrists using shoelaces before making off with a bounty of items. That included three rings, four chains, $8,000 cash, an iPhone, three bracelets, a driver’s license, a bank card, a passport and a purse. The total reported value was $14,800.

Full story on The Riverdale Press website

Woman stole rings, shoelaces, gun belt from slain security guard after Boise mall shooting

– KTVB News (USA), 03-Nov-2021

Photo 10

According to investigators, the suspect moved Acker's body and took her rings, gun belt, radio, shoelaces, sunglasses, and other items. In an interview with detectives later, Scarbrough admitted to the thefts, but said she had thought the security guard was still alive, White said.

“She said that she was in 'survivor mode,' so she decided it would be a good idea to just take whatever she wanted from [Acker,]” the prosecutor said. “She admitted pulling [her] bootlaces out and removing [her] boots, and then said she considered putting [her] boots back on [her] because [she] might get cold, even though [she] was already dead.”

Full story on KTVB website

Andy Murray ties wedding ring to his shoelace AGAIN after it turned up at hotel's LOST AND FOUND

– Daily Mail (UK), 09-Oct-2021

Photo 9

• The former world number one left his wedding band tied to a pair of shoes he left under his car, hoping they would dry in time for his BNP Paribas Open debut

• The 34-year-old was about to call the police when the shoes and ring turned up

• He went on to beat Adrian Mannarino in their first-round match in California

Full story on Daily Mail website

Ian's Comment: See also original story (below) of the shoes & ring going missing, plus older story from 2010 in which Andy's ring-tying habit was first reported.

Andy Murray loses wedding ring after tying it to shoe laces on stolen trainers

– Metro (UK), 07-Oct-2021

Photo 8

The British star explained he left his tennis shoes outside, underneath his car to dry out overnight – but they were nowhere to be seen when he returned in the morning.

And it was only when his physio asked about his wedding band that he realised he had left the ring tied to his shoes.

I basically tie my wedding ring to my tennis shoes while I’m playing because I can’t play with it on my hand.

Full story on Metro website

Ian's Comment: See also follow-up story (above) of the shoes & ring being found, plus older story from 2010 in which Andy's ring-tying habit was first reported.

Watch moment Ibrahimovic scores with laces undone after he stops tying shoes to make a run into goalmouth for AC Milan

– The Sun (UK), 14-Sep-2021

Photo 7

AC MILAN striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic channelled his inner Usain Bolt after scoring on his return to first-team action.

Such was the speed of Milan's transition from defence to attack, Ibrahimovic had to stop tying his laces to provide an outlet for Ante Rebic.

The former Barcelona centre-forward could be seen down on one knee, before quickly getting up and sprinting to the box where he tapped home into an empty net.

Full story on The Sun website

Shoelace trips up inmate's escape from justice in Stephens County

– The Lawton Constitution (USA), 05-Aug-2021

Stephens County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Carroll went in search of Martinez. He said he checked out an abandoned house at 109 S. 13th and then went out back. A dog barking nearby led to a sight.

A handcuffed and belly-chained Martinez was found hanging upside down with his left shoe’s shoelaces caught on the top of the chain link fence, the affidavit states. Carroll said it appeared his being unable to use his hands created the calamity that led to Martinez’s capture. A deputy had to cut his shoelaces to free him.

Full story on The Lawton Constitution website

Ricky Gervais in 'agony' over back injury after tying up shoelace

– Yahoo Life (UK), 27-Jul-2021

Photo 6

Ricky Gervais' partner had to help him to dress after he put his back out tying a shoelace.

The 'After Life' star was left in “agony” after he tweaked an old back injury over the weekend while he was out running, and he was in so much pain he was tempted to lie down on the floor and scream for someone to call him an ambulance.

He said: “I'm in a bad way, went for a run at four, tied my shoe up and my back went. Agony.”

Full story on Yahoo Life website

Tying shoelaces may have saved her life

– The Gisborne Herald (New Zealand), 22-Jul-2021

Photo 5

A woman was seconds from being hit by an out-of-control car which crashed through fences of two Rutene Road properties last night.

An owner of one of the properties said his friend had just left his house when the crash happened right in front of her.

“She was tying her shoelaces and was about to walk that way. It narrowly missed her car, which was where she was heading.”

“She was very close to being fatally hurt. We are counting our lucky stars this morning.”

Full story on The Gisborne Herald website

Roz Purcell comes clean on how she really broke her leg

– Extra (Ireland), 30-May-2021

Photo 4

Speaking to the camera, the 30-year-old said: “I don’t think I ever went into detail about my fall because I just was like... It was just a really unfortunate fall”.

“I actually tripped over my lace. So you know when you were younger and your parents would be like, ‘make sure you tie your laces, tie that lace or you’ll break your leg’? I am actually going to be the one parent that it happened to, who says it to their kid”.

Full story on Extra website

Mum has bag snatched as she ties son's shoelaces whilst out shopping in Rhyl

– Rhyl Journal (UK), 27-May-2021

Photo 3

A mother was out shopping with her son in #Rhyl. She bent down to tie her sons shoe laces and placed her bag on the floor behind her. Afterwards she turned around and her bag had been stolen.

Full story on Rhyl Journal website

Schoolgirl forced to go barefoot in school yard after wearing green laces

– The Northern Echo (UK), 20-May-2021

Photo 2

A NINE-year-old pupil was forced to go bare foot at school and in the yard, after she was made to take her black boots off because they had green laces.

Last Thursday, Isabella Barron went to school at Frederick Nattrass Primary Academy in Norton, Stockton, with black boots with green laces in (pictured).

Isabella's grandmother, Paula Brady, said: “They [the school] were not happy about her laces and phoned her mam to come to the school and change them, but she could not get up to the school so the teacher decided to remove her boots and left her all day with nothing on her feet. All over green laces, she is so upset that she doesn't want to go back to school.”

Full story on The Northern Echo website

Ian's Comment: Interesting to see the somewhat unusual Loop Back Lacing on Isabella's boots.

Robbers raid service stations

– The Herald (Zimbabwe), 05-Mar-2021

Photo 1

In the second case, three men armed with pistols raided Amakhosi Service Station along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road at around 11pm. Sources said two fuel attendants and a security guard at Amakhosi Service Station were confronted by the gang that demanded cash at gunpoint.

They then tied them with shoe laces before serving motorists and collecting cash for about three hours. The exact amount of money they took could not be established including the quantities of the fuel they sold.

Full story on The Herald website

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