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Shoelaces occasionally make an appearance in the news, where they have been involved in good and bad, happy and sad events. Here's some excerpts from various news stories involving shoelaces.

News Story Excerpts – 2020

Royal Demolition fined after Hassan Alameddine crushed at East Killara site

– Daily Telegraph (Australia), 13-Oct-2020

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The court heard 16-year-old labourer Hassan Alameddine had bent over to tie his shoelace when he slipped and was run over by the excavator during ground levelling work at the site in May 2017. Mr Alameddine suffered serious injuries to his pelvis, internal organs, legs and hands and was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital and required further treatment to his legs, knees and back.

Full story on Daily Telegraph website

Man Gets Hit By Car, Still Saves His Jordans

– Complex (USA), 23-Mar-2020

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“My left leg is busted, so they want to take off the shoes,” Jerome wrote. “I try to keep things light and say, 'Please, not the Jordans sir,' but they really need to get the shoe off. So he meets me halfway and says, 'I'm just gonna cut the laces.'”

To back up the story, Jerome shared an image of the shoes, which are slashed directly through the middle of their laces, but otherwise damage-free aside from a few small blemishes. Despite the trending post on Reddit, Jerome says he's yet to solve the missing shoelace problem. “I've been shopping around for laces and some users on here have offered, but i haven’t reached out to them yet,” he tells Complex.

Full story on Complex website

Florida woman arrested for trying to make explosive device in Walmart: Sheriff

– CBS 12 News (USA), 15-Jan-2020

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According to an arrest report, Stallard used a mason jar with fuel denatured alcohol and wire brad nails inside. She also reportedly used a shoelace as a wick and tried to light the shoelace with a lighter, “intending to cause damages by means of fire to the Walmart store and citizens.”

Full story on CBS 12 website

Joe Swash: Stacey Solomon's beau undoes Dancing On Ice partner’s shoes with bare teeth

– Daily Express (UK), 09-Jan-2020

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Former I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp presenter turned Dancing On Ice star Joe Swash, 37, came to his dance partner’s rescue when she found herself rather stuck. The partner of Stacey Solomon, 30, used his bare teeth to help Alexandra get her ice skates off.

The ITV star continued: “We were training so hard @yourallypally that I literally got a quadruple knot in my laces

Joe remarked on how many knots there were and then could be heard cheering as he successfully unknotted the laces.

Full story on Daily Express website

Ryan Thomas ties pregnant fiancée Lucy Mecklenburgh's shoelaces as she struggles to bend down because of her baby bump

– Daily Mail (UK), 08-Jan-2020

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They're awaiting the arrival of their first child together.

And Ryan Thomas posted a sweet update on Lucy Mecklenburgh's pregnancy, as he shared a photo that showed off her baby bump via Instagram on Tuesday. The Coronation Street star, 35, could be seen tying his 28-year-old fiancée's shoelaces as she couldn't bend down to do them herself.

Ever the gentleman, Ryan didn't hesitate to assist his beloved partner and he joked that “the struggle is real” in a caption written atop the image.

Full story on Daily Mail website

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