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Shoelaces occasionally make an appearance in the news, where they have been involved in good and bad, happy and sad events. Here's some excerpts from various news stories involving shoelaces.

News Story Excerpts – 2014

Farmer died being dragged into grain auger as shoelace got caught

– STV News (Scotland), 28-Nov-2014

Farmer Jim Sharp (image: STV News)

A statement from police officer sergeant Graeme Shearer was read out to Selkirk Sheriff Court.

In it he said he had unwound Mr Sharp's overalls and jeans from the metal auger blade and found the shoelace was the item that had got caught on it first.

Full story on STV News website

Drowning victim may have tripped on untied shoelace – coroner

– TVNZ (New Zealand), 24-Oct-2014

Hutt River where body was found (image: TVNZ)

An untied shoelace may have caused an unemployed man to trip and fall into the Hutt River and drown, a coroner believes.

“While it cannot be known with certainty how Mr Waiwai came to be in the water I am satisfied that the evidence before me points to him having fallen accidentally - it is possible he tripped on his untied shoelace,” she said.

Full story on TVNZ website

Little boy, 6, run down and killed by the same school bus that dropped him home “because someone had tied his shoe laces together”

– Daily Mail (UK), 19-May-2014

Shreveport school bus accident scene (image: Daily Mail)

Witnesses say that Brendan Houston, a first-grade student at Herndon Magnet School, had alighted the bus in North Highland, a suburb of Shreveport, when he realized his shoe laces had been tied together.

He stopped to fix the laces, but the bus driver, Debra Stevens, didn't see him and pulled out.

Full story on Daily Mail website

Tragic Luas crash victim squeezed my hand and talked about “love” – witness

– The Irish Independent (UK), 11-Apr-2014

Luas tram plus crashed BMW (image: The Irish Independent)

“The Luas was travelling very slowly at the time, but it tailgated the BMW. She had bent down to tie her shoelace, and when the car spun out of control, the wing mirror caught the back of her head, and that was the end of it.”

Full story on The Irish Independent website

Tangled shoelace causes Madison crash

– WGME News 13 (USA), 27-Feb-2014

A driver in Madison had his shoelace become tangled with the gas pedal, causing him to crash into a truck.

Full story on WGME News 13 website

Video: Rafael Nadal takes a nasty fall and breaks ... a shoelace

– Sports Illustrated (USA), 20-Jan-2014

Tennis player Rafael Nadal's broken shoelace (image: Sports Illustrated)

When Rafael Nadal takes a bad tumble, the tennis world gasps and holds its breath. Did he hurt himself? Did his knees break?

Turns out there were no scratches – just a busted shoelace. The match was delayed as Nadal had to run off court to get a new shoelace from the locker room. Apparently, of all the things he carries with him on court, an extra pair of laces isn't one of them.

Full story on Sports Illustrated website

NBA Fines Knicks' Smith for Shoelace Incidents

– The New York Times (USA), 09-Jan-2014

Basketballer untying opponent's shoelaces (image: The New York Times)

After J. R. Smith was spotted untying one of Shawn Marion's sneaker laces in the Knicks' win over the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday, N.B.A. officials privately reprimanded him and told him not to do it again.

Midway through the first quarter against the Pistons, Smith unsuccessfully reached for the laces on Greg Monroe's left sneaker as both players awaited a free-throw attempt.

Full story on The New York Times website

Video of first incident on YouTube

Video of second attempt on YouTube

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