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Shoelaces occasionally make an appearance in the news, where they have been involved in good and bad, happy and sad events. Here's some excerpts from various news stories involving shoelaces.


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News Story Excerpts – 2013

Injured hiker drags himself down Mt Ruapehu

– TVNZ (New Zealand), 24-Nov-2013

Injured hiker with helicopter rescue crew (image: TVNZ)

The 19-year-old man was hiking alone on the northwest slopes of the mountain when he slipped, sliding up to 100 metres and fracturing his leg.

The man, who is living and working in New Zealand, used his shoe laces to tie his legs together and began to drag himself down the mountain, yelling for help.

Full story on TVNZ website

Referee punishes goalkeeper after opponent helps to tie his boot laces

– Metro (UK), 11-Nov-2013

Opponent ties goalkeeper's shoelaces (image: Metro)

With the match between Al Nahdha and Al Ittihad all square at 2-2 host goalkeeper Taisir Al Antaif was about to make a clearance when he realised his boot lace was undone.

Unsure as to what to do (those big foam gloves make lace-tying quite tricky) Al Antaif was saved by opposition striker Jobson, who, noticing the keeper’s plight, trotted up to his rival and bent down to tie the goalie’s lace.

Full story plus video on Metro website

Ian's Comment: Amazing sportsmanship! Firstly, to re-tie the laces of an opponent. Secondly, after a penalty kick was unfairly awarded as a result, the kick was deliberately squandered, thus reinstating the gesture that would otherwise have been destroyed by the over-zealous referee. A win for both teams!

Burglar caught out by his own sweaty feet after he leaves DNA evidence at crime scene

– Daily Mail (UK), 21-Oct-2013

Burglar breaking in (image: Daily Mail) (file picture)

A prolific burglar was finally jailed after he was given away by his sweaty feet.

David Wilks, 33, left a small piece of shoelace at a crime scene and police sent it away to be DNA tested.

A court heard sweat from Wilks's feet had seeped into the shoelace and police were able to get his DNA profile.

Full story on Daily Mail website

Police hunt convicted killer who escaped using shoelace

– This Is South Wales (UK), 20-Jul-2013

Prison escapee James Stevenson (image: This Is South Wales)

A CONVICTED killer who escaped from his custody cell using a shoelace is wanted by police.

He escaped from a Dorset prison where he was being held for the manslaughter in 2005.

Four years later Stevenson went on the run for more than two weeks after fleeing from his cell at Swansea's Guildhall, minutes after he was sentenced to five years in prison for possessing a shotgun.

He was given an additional two years on his sentence after he inserted a shoelace into the cell door and used it to pull back a spring-loaded latch.

Full story on This Is South Wales website

Ian's Comment: This is the same person who escaped using the same shoelace technique back in Jan-2010 (see older story) and probably the same method in 2005. When will the authorities improve the locks on their prison cells?

Police officer's shoelace favour tugs internet's heartstrings

– Toronto Star (Canada), 30-May-2013

Police officer Mark Borsboom an elderly man (image: Toronto Star)

It was only after getting a bit closer that he realized the officer was not searching the elderly man – whom Cassidy described as having a cane and a breathing apparatus that ran through his nose – but instead tying his shoe.

Full story on Toronto Star website

“Hissing” passenger tied up with shoe-laces after he tries to open jet plane door mid-flight

– Daily Mail (UK), 27-May-2013

Passenger Alexander Herrera (image: Daily Mail)

Ten minutes before Flight 132 was due to land in Portland, Oregon, Alexander Michael Herrera, 23 allegedly tried to open the emergency door after making “unusual” statements.

The plane's crew and other passengers in row 17 had to restrain him with shoe laces and belt clips.

Full story on Daily Mail website

Design students step into limelight with sculpture at Malaysia International Shoe Festival

– The Star (Malaysia), 29-Mar-2013

Shoe sculpture made out of 40,000 shoelace pieces (image: The Star)

The 3m-high shoe sculpture, made of 40,000 pieces of shoelaces, drew the attention of visitors with its colourful design and sheer size.

It entered the Malaysia Book Of Records as the largest sculpture to be made from shoelaces.

Full story on The Star website

Man with the world's most advanced bionic hand can now tie his own shoelaces ...

– Daily Mail (UK), 11-Mar-2013

Nigel Ackland tying his shoe with his bionic hand (image: Daily Mail)

“Its crazy I can now tie my shoe laces for the first time in years and play with playing cards. I'm developing my use of the hand more and more daily.

It really is a whole new quality of life.”

Full story on Daily Mail website

Video on YouTube

Play of the day: Shoelaces lead to red card

– The New Zealand Herald (NZ), 01-Feb-2013

Eredivisie football players tangled by their shoelaces (image: The New Zealand Herald)

Roda JC striker Sanharib Malki might be looking to order shorter shoelaces for future games after his current pair led to a red card in a Dutch Eredivisie League game this week.

The Syrian player (Sanharib Malki) was left tangled with ADO Den Haag striker Mike van Duinen when their shoelaces got caught while both players attempted to go for the ball.

Full story on The New Zealand Herald website

Video on YouTube

Ian's Comment: See also similar incidents in 2019, 2017, 2016 and 2010.

Duct tape and shoe laces propel WRX STI to second overall in Sno*Drift Rally

– Torque News, 30-Jan-2013

David Higgins and his rally car (image: Torque News)

The 2013 Subaru WRX STI driven by David Higgins took second overall in the first Sno*Drift Rally race after being put back together with duct tape and a co-drivers shoe laces.

Full story on Torque News website

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