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Shoelaces occasionally make an appearance in the news, where they have been involved in good and bad, happy and sad events. Here's some excerpts from various news stories involving shoelaces.

News Story Excerpts – 2011

Brock: Shoelace antics led to Suh stomp

– Fox Sports (USA), 12-Dec-2011

Football player Ndamukong Suh (image: Fox Sports)

So he says, “OK, every time you're in a pile, I want you to focus on something. I want you to untie his shoes.”

“Anytime you can, just reach in; he's got floppy shoe laces, he doesn't spat (cover them with tape) or anything, just untie his shoes. It will irritate him.”

Brock said the Packers offensive lineman untied Suh's shoes three times during the game.

“That's why he stomped him,” Brock said.

Full story on Fox Sports website

Bristol mum's horror as boy's shoelace gets stuck in Primark escalator

– Bristol Evening Post (UK), 12-Dec-2011

Connor Garland & mum Kirsty (image: Bristol Evening Post)

A PREGNANT mum says she was abused by shoppers and ignored by staff as she struggled to free her son when his shoelace became stuck in a store's escalator.

“I was desperately trying to pull his shoe off but it was getting tighter as the lace was pulled in.”

Full story on Bristol Evening Post website

Shoe laces help Wigton's John Millington master RAC Rally

– News & Star (UK), 09-Dec-2011

Rally driver John Millington (image: News & Star)

But the event wasn't all plain sailing – the pair had to operate their wipers using shoe laces at one point after they failed in heavy rain.

“We tied shoeslaces around the wiper blade and had to drag it across the screen when the water got too much for Gwyndaf to see through the screen.”

Full story on News & Star website

Van driver cleared of killing biker on Bury New Road after telling jury his shoelace became tangled on pedals

– Manchester Evening News (UK), 08-Dec-2011

Van driver Stephen Johnson (image: Manchester Evening News)

A van driver has been cleared over the death of a biker after the jury heard his shoelace had got stuck around the accelerator.

Stephen Johnson, 54, couldn't get his foot on to the brake and drove straight into the path of motorcyclist Ian Brierley.

Full story on Manchester Evening News website

Man dies in freak shooting accident

– News24 (Africa), 31-Oct-2011

Dr Paul Möller, 60, was alone at a shooting range on Saturday morning when he apparently stepped on a loose shoelace and fell down while holding his .357 revolver.

As he fell down, a shot went off and hit him in the right temple.

Full story on News24 website

Dravid's shoe-lace costs him his wicket!

– OneIndia (India), 13-Aug-2011

Batsman Rahul Dravid (image: OneIndia)

... commentator David Frost discerned that the bat had actaully [sic] brushed against the lace of Dravid's boot in the willow's follow-through and that it was most likely this unusual collision that exuded the impression of a thick nick by the ball off the bat!

Full story on OneIndia website

David Bowie's Manners Won Over Iman

– Daily Express (UK), 29-Jul-2011

Iman & David Bowie (image: Daily Express)

I remember once the laces on my trainers came undone and David was down on his knees in the middle of the street tying them for me.

Full story on Daily Express website

Michael Caine hates shoe laces

– Yahoo! OMG! (Philippines), 19-Jul-2011

Actor Michael Caine (image: Yahoo! OMG!)

[One night] my shoe lace broke. It screwed me right up. I've never worn shoes with laces since.

Full story on Yahoo! OMG! website

How the Markells met: Love at first shoelace?

– Delaware Online (USA), 24-Jun-2011

Jack & Carla Markell (image: MSNBC)

Host Joe Scarborough introduced Carla Markell ... noting the couple first met in kindergarten.

Asked what kind of introduction the young Jack Markell made, the first lady responded: “He taught me how to tie my shoes.”

Full story on Delaware Online website

Video on MSNBC website

Man's shoelace caught on gas pedal, causes serious accident

– The Destin Log (USA), 17-Mar-2011

Pensacola resident Richard Miller was driving east on U.S. Highway 98 around 9:30 a.m. when his shoelace became entangled on the gas pedal and he was unable to stop.

Miller, who was driving a 2006 Chevrolet, hit the back of a 1974 MG GT ...

Full story on The Destin Log website

Thief left [left] hanging by shoelaces

– Daily Mirror (UK), 12-Mar-2011

A BUNGLING thief had to call 999 for help after a botched getaway left him dangling from a fence by his shoelaces.

The clumsy crook, 28, was snared when his shoelace became caught.

Full story on Daily Mirror website

Gosport man gets head stuck in thorn bush after trying to tie shoelaces

– Hampshire Daily Echo (UK), 19-Jan-2011

A MAN fell down a 20-foot embankment and ended up with his head stuck in a thorn bush after an unsuccessful attempt to tie his shoe laces.

Shortly after midnight the man bent down to tie his laces at Rowner Road, Gosport, and rolled down the bank.

Full story on Hampshire Daily Echo website

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