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Shoelaces occasionally make an appearance in the news, where they have been involved in good and bad, happy and sad events. Here's some excerpts from various news stories involving shoelaces.

News Story Excerpts – 2009

Hiker rescued after falling 100 feet in LA forest

– Mercury News (USA), 28-Dec-2009

Photo 10

Los Angeles County sheriff's officials say the man fell while hiking a trail in Eaton Canyon on Monday, injuring his right leg.

He also improvised a splint for his injured leg with his boot laces and a hammer.

Full story on website

– (Original link on the Mercury News website now dead)

Illinois doctor delivers air male

– American Medical News (USA), 21-Dec-2009

Photo 9

After John Saran, MD, delivered a baby boy on a Southwest Airlines flight on Dec. 4, patients at his Naperville, Ill., office started showering him with shoelaces. Dr. Saran used a shoelace and a sweatshirt string to clamp the baby's umbilical cord.

Full story on American Medical News website

Mother shot with homemade arrow

– Argus Leader (USA), 26-Nov-2009

The boy had fashioned a bow out of a fishing pole and a shoelace, Clemens said, and shot his mother with a sharpened plastic rod.

Full story on Argus Leader website

The luckiest boy in Swansea

– This Is South Wales (UK), 02-Nov-2009

Photo 8

A Swansea teenager who disappeared 100ft over a cliff to chase one of his beloved new trainers is recovering at home – with a new pair of daps.

... Felix had kicked some stones over the edge of the cliff, accidentally sending one his new £20 Quicksilver trainers flying because the laces were untied.

Full story on This Is South Wales website

Broken bench lawsuit can move forward

– The Jersey Journal (USA), 02-Nov-2009

Photo 7

A Bayonne woman who injured herself after her shoelace wrapped around a bolt sticking up from a city park bench does have the right to sue the city – even though a Superior Court judge dismissed the case.

Bolger's laces looped around the bolt when she tucked her leg under herself and turned around to keep an eye on her other daughter.

When Bolger rose from the bench, her shoelace snagged on the protruding bolt and she crashed to the ground, suffering “facial trauma” that sent her to the emergency room, according to court records.

Full story on Jersey Journal website

ECISD bus runs over teen

– Odessa American (USA), 28-Sep-2009

Photo 6

An eighth grader at Nimitz Junior High School was severely injured Monday afternoon after getting ran over by a school bus on Odessa's southside, ...

Chris, 14, said he and Alexis were playing on the sidewalk after getting off the bus when Alexis tripped on his shoelaces and fell under. He said bus 659's right rear tire ran over Alexis' shoulder and collarbone, while his face struck the pavement from the impact.

Full story on Odessa American website

Baby born in car was in bigger rush than traffic

– Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (USA), 01-Aug-2009

Photo 5

Just a few more minutes and Ari Payton Smith might have been born in a nice, soft bed in the clean confines of Magee-Womens Hospital in Oakland.

But Ari wouldn't wait. So she was born in the front passenger seat of her great-grandmother's Pontiac Aztek, ...

One passer-by – “the shoelace guy” – offered help.

“There was a guy who stopped who wanted to know if he could help,” Pat Rullo said. “I was looking for a string or something to tie off the [umbilical] cord. The next thing I knew, there was a shoelace in my lap, and I never saw him again.”

Full story on Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website

Fox steals more than 100 shoes

– Reuters, 12-Jun-2009

Photo 4

A fox has been unmasked as the mystery thief of more than 100 shoes in the small western German town of Foehren, authorities said Friday.

Although many were missing laces, the shoes were in good condition and their owners were delighted to reclaim them, he said, adding that no reprisals were planned against the culprit.

Full story on Reuters website

A lacrosse oddity

– Baltimore Sun (USA), 17-Mar-2009

Somehow as these two players collided, their shoe laces had become so entangled that they literally could not get up off the ground.

Full story on Baltimore Sun website

Grad student uses unicycle as main transportation

– LSU Daily Reveille (USA), 03-Mar-2009

Photo 3

But one day on his way to class, Huber's shoe laces got caught in the spokes of the wheel, throwing him on his back and leading to a crash that resulted in a broken shoe lace and backpack strap.

Full story on Daily Reveille website

Ian's Comment: I seriously recommend that unicycle riders adopt Hiking / Biking Lacing.

Girl survives punctured trachea

– UPI (USA), 25-Feb-2009

A 6-year-old student at an elementary school in Tennessee fell on a pencil when she tripped over her shoe lace and put a hole in her trachea.

School officials said the girl was carrying the pencil when one of her laces became untied.

Full story on UPI website

More records broken in the Guinness World Record pavilion at Global Village

– Khaleej Times (Dubai), 12-Feb-2009

Photo 2

... 21 shoes tied in one minute by Khaled Abdul Aziz in Shoelace category, ...

Full story on Khaleej Times website

Iraq veteran relies on guides to stay course

– Houston Chronicle (USA), 18-Jan-2009

Photo 1

For Castro, a visually impaired captain in the U.S. Army, a shoelace is what keeps him racing. Castro holds one end of a shoelace while a guide holds the other, and together they run marathons, half-marathons and 10Ks.

Full story on Houston Chronicle website

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