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Shoelaces occasionally make an appearance in the news, where they have been involved in good and bad, happy and sad events. Here's some excerpts from various news stories involving shoelaces.

News Story Excerpts – 2008

One of the most important figures in science has at last been honoured ...

– The Scotsman (UK), 05-Dec-2008

Clerk-Maxwell's statue features a broken shoelace (image: The Scotsman)

The lace on Clerk-Maxwell's right shoe has broken. As we all do, he has simply knotted the shortened lace, missing out an eyelet.

Full story on The Scotsman website

Patron’s car smashes into restaurant storefront

– Denton Record-Chronicle (USA), 29-Sep-2008

Andaman Thai Restaurant, in the 500 block of South Elm Street, had its first guest Sunday around noon when a compact car smashed through the faux brick and glass storefront, according to a witness.

The driver told a server at the restaurant that her shoelace had become tangled with the accelerator.

Full story on Denton Record-Chronicle website

Burglar left hanging upside down after trapping shoelace

– The Telegraph (UK), 22-Aug-2008

Burglar John Pearce trapped by his shoelace (image: The Telegraph)

An hapless burglar was left hanging upside down against a window after trapping a shoe lace during a break-in.

The thief, John Pearce, had got his foot caught after smashing his way through the glass.

Full story on The Telegraph website

Daring daylight jail break falls short

– Toronto Sun (Canada), 19-Aug-2008

They had made a grappling hook from clamps and wire and constructed the rope out of boot laces, electrical cords and electrical wire.

Full story on Toronto Sun website

Bolting to a World Record

– Time (USA), 16-Aug-2008

Usain Bolt sprinting with one loose shoelace (image: Time)

Usain Bolt of Jamaica broke his own world record in the 100 meters to win the Olympic gold medal.

And he did it with his shoes untied: his left laces were flopping around at the finish.

Full story on Time website

Man hit by police cruiser was tying shoe, friends say

– The Columbus Dispatch (USA), 05-Aug-2008

Boback Pourfarhadi accident scene (image: Columbus Dispatch)

Columbus police said the 25-year-old Boback Pourfarhadi fell and was lying in the roadway when Minerva Park Officer Jason Gross, who was driving south on Westerville Road, ran over him.

But the friends – two women and a man – told the elder Pourfarhadi that Boback had bent over to tie his shoelace and that they were waving at the officer to slow down because they thought he was speeding, he said.

Full story on Columbus Dispatch website

Robbing Crew Steals Thousands from Victims

– Fox 5 News (USA), 18-Jun-2008

Shallowford Road house where robberies occurred (image: Fox 5 News)

The man says he woke up in a room with about twenty other victims, who had also been beaten and tied up with shoe laces.

Full story on Fox 5 News website

Tangled shoelace leads to a collision

– The Times-Tribune (USA), 24-May-2008

Three cars collided and a man sustained minor injuries when a driver’s shoelace got caught on a gas pedal Friday evening.

Full story on The Times-Tribune website

Bandits Use Shoe Laces In Robbery

– Local 6 News (USA), 13-Apr-2008

My Wireless store robbery footage (image: Local 6 News)

Several armed men pistol-whipped a clerk and a customer during a robbery of a cell phone store that involved the men using shoe laces they brought to the crime, police said.

Full story on Local 6 News website

Meet Mr. and Miss Bowling Bowling

– Detroit Free Press (USA), 11-Apr-2008

Just before the biggest shot of his high school bowling season, Chad Skinner looked down and noticed his shoelace was untied.

With the Division 2 state title on the line at Sunnybrook Lanes in Sterling Heights he calmly took 30 seconds to tie his shoelace, approached the lane and threw a strike to finish with a 221 game and gave Pinconning a nine-pin victory and the crown.

Full story on Detroit Free Press website

Dad delivers his own daughter in a van

– Chippewa Valley News (USA), 04-Apr-2008

Baby Nora Weindorfer and family (image: Chippewa Valley News)

At one point, he asked a doctor there if they had anything he could use as a makeshift shoelace. The doctor handed him something, and Jason laced up the loose shoe.

It turned out to be umbilical cord tape – the stuff doctors use in the delivery room to tie off the cord.

Full story on Chippewa Valley News website

Ian's Comment: I love the irony of Jason using his shoelaces to tie off the umbilical cord, then being given umbilical cord tape to tie up his shoes!

Bekele a shoo-in for title of best over cross country

– The Independent (UK), 31-Mar-2008

Champion runner Kenenisa Bekele (image: The Independent)

The world and Olympic 10,000m champion lost nearly 25 metres as he bent to untie the laces on his shoe and do them back up again.

Full story on The Independent website

Andy's High Regard For Doctors

– 60 Minutes (USA), 23-Mar-2008

News correspondent Andy Rooney (image: 60 Minutes)

He did not know how to tie his shoelaces. His laces always ended up with the loops parallel to the shoe instead of with the bow across. This is a doctor who knows how to do the most sophisticated things with the organs inside a human body but can't tie his shoelaces?

Full story on 60 Minutes website

Ian's Comment: This sounds like a “Granny Knot” – which sits crooked and comes undone – and for which there is a simple solution on my Granny Knot page.

25 years jail for escaped drug dealer

– ABC News (Australia), 04-Mar-2008

Shoelace escapee Chuck Lau (image: ABC News)

A Canadian man, once dubbed the shoelace escapee, has been sentenced to 25 years jail for one of Western Australia's largest heroin importations that dates back 14 years.

Lau was once dubbed the shoelace escapee because when he fled the state authorities claimed he used a shoelace to manipulate a lock on a door.

Full story on ABC News website

Bayern keepers hit by illness, shoelaces

– Guardian Unlimited (UK), 13-Feb-2008

Bayern goalkeeper Michael Rensing (image: Guardian Unlimited)

“A couple of days ago Michael hurt his back while tying his shoes,” coach Ottmar Hitzfeld told reporters with the Bayern team. “I'm confident he'll be able to play, though. In an emergency we'll find someone to tie his laces for him.”

Full story on Guardian Unlimited website

Police: Woman Tied to Bed for 12 Hours

– ABC 7 News (USA), 18-Jan-2008

Police say Somerville dragged her to a bedroom and tied her to a bed with shoe laces for nearly 12 hours.

Full story on ABC 7 News website

Motoring News

– Daily Record (UK), 18-Jan-2008

The survey, which questioned nearly 800 UK drivers, found that more than one in seven drivers have asked the passenger to hold the steering wheel while they tie a shoelace or check a map.

Full story on Daily Record website

'Shoe tree' toppled

– Union Tribune (USA), 09-Jan-2008

Shoe Tree prior to falling (image: Union Tribune)

For some reason, people tossed their shoes onto the massive tree, which graced hole No. 2 at Morley Field Disc Golf Course for about three decades.

Until Sunday.

Wicked winds knocked the old tree to the ground. It had died years ago, but it was never cut down because of its popularity.

All of the shoes were gone, but there were two pairs of laces – one turquoise, the other white – strung around the branch.

Full story on Union Tribune website

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