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Shoelaces occasionally make an appearance in the news, where they have been involved in good and bad, happy and sad events. Here's some excerpts from various news stories involving shoelaces.

News Story Excerpts – 2007

This ref rules the game

– The Chronicle Herald (Canada), 29-Nov-2007

Blind referee Phillip Martel (image: The Chronicle Herald)

“Here's the story that stands out to me,” said Donnie Ehler of Basketball Nova Scotia. “The refs tell him not to blow his whistle. Well, he blew the whistle and they said, “Phil, don't blow the whistle,” but he said, “Somebody's shoelace is undone.” Sure enough, some kid's shoelace was undone and he was the only person in the gym that heard it. He hears things that nobody else can.”

Full story on The Chronicle Herald website

Smashed vases go back on display

– BBC News (UK), 09-Nov-2007

Restored Qing Dynasty vases (image: BBC News)

Three 17th Century Chinese porcelain vases accidentally smashed when a museum visitor tripped are back on public display after being restored.

They were smashed into hundreds of pieces when Mr Flynn tripped over his shoelace.

Full story on BBC News website

Ian's Comment: See also the original story from 2006.

Clinton told to “tie her shoe”

– The Messenger (USA), 10-Oct-2007

Hillary Clinton's shoes (image: The Messenger)

Hillary Clinton was reminded Tuesday that even an undone shoelace can somehow be tied to the health care issue.

“We’ve been at this, in Iowa especially, a year,” said the man, adding, “And lastly, would you tie your shoe so you don’t trip over it?”

Then, proving that even a candidate seeking the highest office in the United States can take a bit of friendly advice, she sat down and tied her shoelace. The audience loved it.

Full story on The Messenger website

Investigation determines shooting was self-inflicted

– The News Courier (USA), 03-Oct-2007

He took their child’s shoelace and tied her hands behind her back and dragged her into the bedroom.

Full story on The News Courier website

Mahaica taxi-driver hijacked - car stolen

– Stabroek News (Guyana), 30-Sep-2007

In the vicinity of Mosquito Hall, one of the men wrapped a shoelace around Muir's neck and began choking him, forcing him to stop the vehicle.

Full story on Stabroek News website

Police: Student Arrested After Bringing Nooses To School

– NBC 5 News (USA), 28-Sep-2007

Curtis Hiett, student (image: Daily Herald)

“He had a confederate flag and noose in his car on his rearview mirror fashioned out of a shoelace,” said Dep. Kevin Woodside.

Full story on NBC 5 News website

Probe into Portland man's death reaches conclusion

– The Star Press (USA), 30-Sep-2007

Police say they have wrapped up their investigation of the death of Paul E. Frisch, 37, Portland, whose body was found floating in a quarry east of Ridgeville on Aug. 6 with a rock tied to his boot with a shoelace.

Full story on The Star Press website

Police release more details in accidental shooting

– Capital News 9 (USA), 12-Sep-2007

Albany Police news conference (image: Capital News 9)

It started as a routine job for an Albany drug task force, but it ended in a bizarre scene.

The officers tied him up with shoelace because they didn't carry handcuffs into the field either. O'Reilly escaped the shoelace restraints and ran away before being caught.

Full story on Capital News 9 website

Family Suing After Son Drowns

– KNDO/KNDU News (USA), Aug-2007

Memorial photo of Tayler Loch (image: Tri-City Herald)

Nearly a year later, the family of a Kennewick boy who drown[ed] in an irrigation pipe is suing the Kennewick Irrigation District.

Loch was sliding through a culvert with friends in the Beer Falls area off Clearwater in Kennewick last October when his shoelace got caught and held him under the water and he drown[ed].

Full story on KNDO/KNDU News website

Woman charged with choking man with shoelace

– Daily Tribune (USA), 17-Aug-2007

A 31-year-old Ferndale woman was charged Thursday with assault with the intent to murder after she allegedly tried choking an 82-year-old man with a shoestring.

Full story on Daily Tribune website

Davis' 7 home runs help secure youth baseball World Series victory

– Dailynews (USA), 06-Aug-2007

When Devin Davis' shoelace got caught in his spokes causing a fall that fractured his arm in three places, the competitive young baseball player thought he was out for the season.

But six screws and a metal plate couldn't hold back the spunky 10-year-old.

Full story on Dailynews website

New Glover Work Falls Short

– (via Associated Press), 26-Jun-2007

Savion Glover dancing (image:

They shook their left hands like maracas as their left feet pounded into the boards, and eased off as Glover shifted the energy to the extreme by performing a running tap for so long and with such intensity that a shoelace came undone on one foot.

Full story on website

Diana's wolf whistle to Simon

– The Sun (UK), 26-Jun-2007

The late Princess Diana (image: The Sun)

“I jumped off a running machine because my shoelace was undone.”

“She wolf-whistled at me across the room and yelled like a brickie, 'Nice legs!' ”

Full story on The Sun website

Boy, 12, shot with fireworks

– Toronto Sun (USA), 19-May-2007

But the boy tripped over his shoelace and tried to hide behind a car.

As he took cover, he was hit in the back by a rocket fired under the car.

Full story on Toronto Sun website

Man back in custody after shoelace escape

– ABC (Australia), 14-May-2007

A Canadian man is back behind bars in Perth, 12 years after escaping from the Central Law Courts using a shoelace.

Full story on ABC website

Driver caught on tape

– The Bakersfield Californian (USA), 04-May-2007

Hit & run video (image: Bakersfield Californian)

Erica, her brother and their mother were on F Street crossing Poso Drive at 7 p.m. when Erica stopped, apparently to tie her shoes. The mother and brother continued across the street. Erica looked up, saw them ahead of her and ran to catch up.

A westbound car hit Erica and briefly carried her on its hood before she fell beneath its wheels.

Full story on Bakersfield Californian website

Drummer BOBBY JARZOMBEK Breaks Wrist, Is Forced To Sit Out PAINMUSEUM Festival Gig

– BlabberMouth (USA), 23-Apr-2007

Drummer Bobby Jarzombek (image: BlabberMouth)

Just one of those things – I was re-arranging my rehearsal studio in Hollywood when my shoelace got caught in the “U” part of a guitar stand (the part that the neck sits into) that was laying on the floor.

Full story on BlabberMouth website

Man admits killing lover with shoelace

– ABC (Australia), 18-Apr-2007

David Richard Fraser at court appearance (image: ABC)

The jury had heard Fraser strangled Mr Moore with a shoelace then covered the body in clothes and bedsheets.

Full story on ABC website

Miami Woman Gives Birth To Son In Minivan

– NBC6 (USA), 05-Apr-2007

Miami baby being fed in hospital (image: NBC6)

“He needed something to tie the cord with,” dispatcher Jasmine Fernandez said. “In a moment like that we need anything we can get so I said, 'Ask for a shoelace.' He asked, 'A specific shoelace?' I said, 'No, any shoe.' He grabbed the shoelace, tied the cord and waited for fire rescue.”

Full story on the NBC6 website

Man stops car to deliver his baby

– The Free Lance-Star (USA), 05-Jan-2007

Layla Michelle in intensive care (image: The Free Lance-Star)

He laid the baby across Buccino's chest and used a brown shoelace from his Skechers sneakers to pinch off the umbilical cord.

Full story on The Free Lance-Star website

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