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Ian's Laces App is a fast, convenient way to have Ian's wealth of shoe lacing information readily on hand. The latest version is for Android, plus there's an older version for iOS.

Android / iOS versions

NOTE: The Android and iOS versions of “Ian's Laces” were developed almost ten years apart. As a result, the two apps are quite different! Please see the relevant sections below to discover what each version includes.

Ian's Laces for Android

Ian's Laces app for Android on Google Pixel

The Android version of Ian's Laces app began development back in 2019, with the current version released in Feb-2023.

This app has the most up-to-date library of all of this website's shoe lacing methods and shoelace knots. All of the images have been remastered at up to 16× the level of website detail for sharp, clear display.

In addition, this app includes Italian translations thanks to a very generous contributor, VladiG.

Current Android App – Details

  • Version 2.5.0, Feb-2023
  • 69 × Shoe lacing methods
  • 25 × Shoelace knots
  • 3 × Flavours: Standard, HD, Lite

Ian's Lace and Tie Shoes Guide

• Includes high-res images (4× website quality)
Ian's Laces app logoGet Ian's Laces for Android on Google Play

Ian's Lace and Tie Shoes HD

• Includes super-high-res images (16× website quality)
Ian's Laces HD app logoGet Ian's Laces HD for Android on Google Play

Ian's Lace and Tie Shoes Lite

• Includes low-res images (1× website quality)
• Includes Ads
Ian's Laces Lite app logoGet Ian's Laces Lite for Android on Google Play

Ian's Laces for iOS

Ian's Laces app for iOS ver. 5.0.0 on iPhone 6

Ian's Laces app was first developed for the original iPhone and iPod Touch back in 2009 (more than a decade ago!) and continued to be improved and adapted for the newer iOS devices (iPad, iPhone 4, 5, 6, etc.) right until 2015.

This iOS app thus has fewer Shoe Lacing Methods than the newer Android app. Each method has one or more static lacing diagrams for the different variations.

On the plus side, the iOS app includes the fun interactive virtual shoe: “Create-a-Lace”.

Current iOS App – Details

  • Version 5.0.0, Jun-2015
  • 52 × Shoe lacing methods
  • 20 × Shoelace knots
  • 10 × “Create-a-Lace” virtual shoes
  • 2 × Flavours: Standard, Lite

Ian's Laces for iOS – Standard

• Full release containing all methods
Ian's Laces app logoDownload Ian's Laces for iOS on the App Store

Ian's Laces for iOS – Lite

• “Free preview” release containing fewer methods
Ian's Laces Lite app logoDownload Ian's Laces Lite for iOS on the App Store

Why Buy Ian's Laces?


Ian's Laces is literally crammed with content! The latest versions contain more than 1,000 images, including diagrams of every knot – every lacing method – every variation – every step.

Look up any method without Internet access delays or costs from anywhere in the universe. Even Ian prefers to use the app rather than the website for a super-quick refresher!

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