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Ian Knot = Ian's Fast Shoelace Knot diagram

My own Ian Knot (yes – I'm the inventor) is the World's Fastest Shoelace Knot. Make a loop with both ends and simultaneously pull them through each other to form an almost instant knot.

What Others Have Said

The following are excerpts from some of the many delightful e-mails and testimonials that I've received about my Ian Knot. If you'd also like to send feedback, please Contact Ian.

General Feedback

A few years ago I learnt your Ian knot and have used it ever since! So fast and easy, the only problem I had was when used repeatedly the shoelaces can get twisted (torsion along each lace) not really a problem for tying or tension, but for those of us that like neatness (maybe a bit too much), I had to correct it occasionally.

– Brad T, Oct-2020

But I have to tell you that I am completely smitten with the “Ian Knot.” Brilliant. It's like magic. I never thought I would utter the following words after I passed the age of five, but I can't wait to show people how I tie my shoes! So cool. It took a few tries for it to click, but once I got it, it seemed so obvious.

– Leisha, California, USA, Aug-2006

I used the quick knot and once I got the hang of it, boy, is it faster. Of course, I wasn't racing anyone but....

– Carolyn A., Minnesota, USA, Dec-2004

I've only been using it for 4-5 days now, but its speediness still gives me a chuckle each time I “tie one on”.

– Peter H., Dec-2004

Thanks to your knot, I can now wear laced shoes and obtain the respect I deserve while retaining the time-saving qualities of barefootedness.

– Rob, Alabama, USA, Dec-2004

... Ian's Knot really works, I usually buy slip on shoes, or velcro because i don't like tying my shoes, but this is faster! Thanks!

– Brittani B., Nov-2004

Now, I now look forward to tying up. It's so quick and fun. Can I do it faster this time? I'm such a show off! My wife thinks I am crazy, like a little boy who just learned to tie his shoe.

– Richard B., California, USA, Nov-2004

Seriously, why doesn't everyone tie their shoes this way? It's alot easier.

– Stephanie B., FL, USA, Sep-2004

I am a 44 year old professional engineer and father of two, and for all these years I knew that there must be a better way to do tie my shoes.

– Colin C., Hastings, UK, Jul-2004

At first, I thought this was a trick that couldn't be done that someone keeps trying for the rest of their life. After a couple minutes, I saw what I was doing wrong and I did it. This is great! It makes me smile every time I tie my shoes now.

– Rob T., Jul-2004

It reminds me of a pretzel!

– Karen N., Mar-2004

I got a book about knot tying for Christmas two years ago and that knot definitely should've been in there.

– Daniel A., Mar-2004

In the beginning of 1995, a few weeks after I bought my first compatible PC, I found your little program “IAN-KNOT V 2.0” in a local BBS here in Bremen, Germany (I had no internet then). It fascinated me at the first look. No, not the program but THE KNOT! I learned it immediately and since then I tie my shoelaces using the knot I learned FROM YOU.

– Daniel R., Bremen, Germany, Mar-2004

The Ian Knot is a topological masterpiece. It took me less than a minute to learn it. I'm not that fast yet (about 2s), but this is going to be The Knot for the rest of my life.

– Corrado B., Italy, Dec-2002

Brilliant! Proof that there is still room for innovation in some of the most ordinary tasks.

– Micah J. Nov-2002,

Although the way I make a bow on my shoes also ends up with a fully symmetrical knot, your method was so quick and beautiful that it is strange that no-one has invented it earlier. Or maybe some has, but then it is a mystery that it hasn't spread.

– Stefan E., Sweden, Jan-2001

As a long time sailor, I am aware that the three ideal characteristics of a knot are, first, that it does the function required, second, that it is easy to untie, and third, that it is easy to tie. Your shoelace knot seems to do all three.

– John B., Nov-2000

Tying Suggestions

While I was performing the Ian Knot, I noticed that it was easier to do when I used the “pinkies” on both hands to pin down the ends of the laces on either side while tightening, to ensure the knot wouldn't come undone while pulling the two loops through one another.

– Michael S., Dec-2016

Process of Learning the Ian Knot

I was working with the explanation and pulled it through thinking this would never work – it's too easy, and wow I was there !!

– Mary M., Dec-2004

“Wow... now THATS nifty!”

Thats what I said when I first did the Ian Knot successfully. It took a few tries, but after a few minutes I had it. That is fast!

– Dylan H., NY, USA, Dec-2004

I realize that I must be patient and just keep on doing the knot till the fingers get used to it. I just spent an hour repeatedly tying your knot. I was stunned at the end to realize my fingers had now forgotten how to tie the standard!

– Bob Y., California, USA, Jul-2004

Looked a little confusing. But put the laces and fingers in the starting position and everything just naturally pulled through.

– Dennis M., Alabama, USA, Jun-2004

I studied and studied the pictures, and feared it would be too complicated or difficult. All that changed when I got a shoe and actually tried it.

– Mark H., Missouri, USA, Apr-2004

I've switched over to the Ian Knot. No more “loop around the finger, wrap around the ear, bunny through the hole” for me. Now it's simply Fwoop! and the knot is done.

– Simmon K., Apr-2004

Wow, after 3 tries, I could do it in less than a second.

– Charlie F., New Mexico, USA, Mar-2004

I found your website very interesting and was tying the “Ian Knot” in minutes with the actual knot taking a split second.

– Neal B., NT, Australia, Mar-2004

Tied perfectly, the first time, then I tried to overthink it! Took me three more tries to get right again!

– Drew, Sep-2003

Teaching the Ian Knot to Children

Thank you so much for the “Ian Knot”! I just discovered it today while looking up the one-loop and two-loop method to help my 6 year old learn to tie his shoe laces. I've spent my whole life doing the two loop (Granny Knot) method and have stopped buying lace up shoes as they take longer to put on. I may now go back to wearing lace up shoes as the “Ian Knot” method is so quick and easy!

– Katie C., Jun-2020

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I have worked in an elementary school for years and tie shoes all day. I can do it in a flat second now and try to teach the Ian Knot where possible. My 7 year old can do this knot easily and his “Chuck Taylors” stay tied all day.

– Dana R., Feb-2005

By the way, the Ian knot is WAY easier to teach the little hands of a kindergartener.

– Irwin C., Alberta, Canada, Sep-2004

... your tying style was easier to teach the little girls I babysit.

– Lauren P., Sep-2004

From the “M” position I tell them that the spy on the left (the thumb) circles front to meet the other “spy” (the R index finger) in the middle (he circled “around the back”). They swap “ropes” and trade places.

– Cindy, Sep-2004

My kids think its great now they can tie their laces so fast and not have them come undone 5 minutes later. Your fastest knot should be taught on the national curriculum for schools!

– Kevin L., UK, Jun-2004

Hey, I was shocked to see how easy and quick it is. I teach physical education at an elementary school and I will be using your method next fall to teach the little ones!

– Tammy L., Jun-2004

Thanks Ian, my 3 yr old has mastered the Knot and I have encouraged other mums with interested kids to check it out. I had a ball and my team of 15 people enjoyed an activity to see who could do your Ian Knot the fastest!!

– Katrina L., Victoria, Australia, Apr-2004

I managed to teach all three of my children in a matter of minutes, and my son is now going to amaze his friends at camp this weekend! The explanation and accompanying photos could not have been more clear.

– Linda, Nov-2002

My oldest was taught by her first grade teacher, my 2nd child by his older sister! I promised my youngest I would get on the internet and find out how to teach someone to tie their shoes. Within minutes I learned your method and a few minutes more I was able to teach my son. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Lisa E., USA, Jun-2002

Kids With Learning Difficulties

I cannot say thank you enough for the Ian knot. My 12 year old grandson struggled to tie his shoes. He was shown the ‘bunny ear’ method without much assistance resulting in not much effort. (His mother and school thinks there may be some sort of disconnect happening in his learning). So his shoes were always tied and he just slipped his foot in and out. There had to be another way. In the past i showed him the traditional way, it was frustrating (how did we ever learn this at 5?). Then after coming across your knot, I knew this was it. After reviewing the video and maybe three tries, HE DID IT! He tied his shoes!!! The look of pride and accomplishment on his face was priceless. The rest of the night he wanted to have shoelace tying completions. We timed ourselves. He actually had to instruct me a few times. His record that night after just learning, was 3.11 seconds. I chuckled when he started to get mad because he couldn’t beat it. I asked him “did you ever think you’d be mad because you couldn’t tie your shoes in less than 3 seconds?” We both laughed and I told him how proud I am of him and how proud he must be of himself. And he is proud of himself. You could see it and his self esteem boosted. You Ian made this happen. You are such a blessings.

Now he says tying his shoes is fun. He said he thinks his best friend can’t tie his shoes but, he was going to go teach him the Ian knot.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and a great big hug.

– Jayne F., USA, Jan-2021

My 6 year old son has had difficulties in learning to tie his shoes and it took four tries and 5 minutes to tie your knot - not to mention that it did not come undone all day!

– Allan, Oregon, USA, Feb-2005

Yesterday evening my son (age 8) asked me to show him “that super-fast knot”. We spent 15 minutes going through the technique and now he uses it as well. The remarkable thing is that he has never really been able to do the standard knot with any kind of consistancy, so mostly he just slipped into or out of his sneakers. Or at least he did so before today. Now he carefully unties his shoes before putting them on so he can tie the bows with the Ian Knot. His primary motivation was to become “the fastest kid at school at tying his own shoelaces”.

– Jens K., Oct-2004

After one or two false starts (that is, my son screaming in frustration), my 12-year old son has mastered the Ian knot. He will still need to practice in order to pick up some speed, but he can do it!!! I even caught him practicing on his own, with no urging.

My son will soon share your technique with his occupational therapist, thus helping many.

– Lynn C., New York, USA, Aug-2004

Ian, as a mother of a child with fine motor skills in the 8th percentile and visual motor skills in the 16th percentile, your site was a revelation. Andrew had been working with an occupational therapist for over 6 months on various things, one of them being tying his shoes. Within minutes of studying your flip book and gentle instruction by me, he tied his own shoes. You should have seen how proud he was :)!

– Laura D., Mar-2004

Showing the Ian Knot to Others

I’ve consulted your website scores of times since I first found it back, I believe, in the late nineties. My daughter learned your Ian Knot while at college and I often joke that her teaching me the knot made her tuition expense a bargain.

– Matt S., St. Louis, MO, USA, Jan-2021

Just want you to know I absolutely love your Ian shoelace knot. I ran into it 5 years ago and have been using it ever since. I've thought it to both of my kids, and I'm using it in my work (software development) as an example of curiosity and continuous improvement.

– Rommert B., Utrecht, The Netherlands, Sep-2020

I've been using the Ian Knot for a while. It is *so* fast. I use it to amaze children and co-workers alike. Your instructions were very well done and it only took me about five minutes to learn it and a few days to become proficient at it.

– Daniel E., Feb-2005

My wife learned the “Ian” knot from our shoe repair man 5 or 6 years ago. She and I have used it ever since. It's a great knot!

– Richard, OR, USA, Feb-2005

I've been showing my students and colleagues, and they are amazed. I do it fast so they can't really see what I am doing, and you can see this startled look of disbelief on their faces. They give their heads a little shake and usually say “Do it again”. I think at first they are expecting the normal tying method, but it goes by so fast they aren't sure what they just saw.

– Ken W., BC, Canada, Jan-2005

I've shown a couple of friends who were of the narrow-minded variety that thought tying a faster knot meant tying the same knot faster. HAH! After losing a few bucks they insisted on a slow demo so they could learn the secret.

– Ian D., British Columbia, Canada, Oct-2004

Actually, might send it to eldest son, 15, and daughter 14, since he never undoes his shoes, and she never does hers up.

– Eleanor, Merseyside, UK, May-2004

I've already converted about 15 people and I've shown quite a few more. Everybody I've shown is, at the least, amazed by the speed of the knot. See they're not expecting much when I tell them there's a new knot around town but then they watch me and I'm done before they can blink.

– Will F., New York, USA, Apr-2004

As I write, half of my colleagues have their shoes on their desks.

– Russell C., Mar-2004

My husband mailed me your site (we have been arguing over the best way to tie shoes for years). I'm happy to report that I got your Ian knot on the first try. Geez, I though hubby and I were the only weirdos who worried about shoelace knots :)

– Alicia S., USA, Sep-2003

I was at a store buying a Christmas present on Saturday when a young woman saw her untied shoelace and said, “Damn, it never stays tied.” I showed her The Ian Knot and sent her to your website for further training. She was cute ... and if I weren't already married, I think the knot would have gotten me a date! (I'm old and ugly; your knot is THAT good.)

– Pete S., USA, Dec-2002

I showed the Ian Knot to my husband last night; you should have seen his face when I pulled it shut. He couldn't belive I tied it that fast. I had to teach him; he thought I had trick shoelaces!

– Lindsey R., Jul-2002

Age is No Barrier

Now that I'm 80 years young I finally found a way to tie my shoe laces in a fast and easy way using your knot. It's now possible to “Get me to the church on time”.

– Fr. Richard, Georgia, USA, Dec-2004

I converted to the “Ian Knot” 2 years ago, and it works exactly as advertised, a neat invention ! Until I ran a google search on a lark, I was a forty-something guy still tying laces with “bunny ears”;

– Mike E., IL, USA, Dec-2004

Who would have thought I could relearn a childhood skill at the age of 54.

– Graham M., Ontario, Canada, Jul-2004

Its never too late to learn! I'm 80 years old and love progressive thinking like yours.

– Jule K., Illinois, USA, Jul-2004

I have been using the Ian Knot for a year or so. I use it on my swimming trunks, my shoes, and my daughter's dresses! It took a while to change my old habit of tying. I'm 47 years old. But I've done it now. The Ian Knot has become the way I tie.

– Russ M., Aug-2002

Forty-two years old and learning how to re-tie my shoes, only on the internet!

– Jake D., Dec-2002

Where were you when I was 5 and confused, I'm now 44 and have been forever frustrated by knotted laces. At last, a better way, I can't decide to call you my new knot guru or the lace Yoda.

– Gordon, Canada, Apr-2002

Specific Applications of the Ian Knot

Surgical masks have upper and lower strings. They are meant to be used only once. That is why their strings have quite much more friction compared to shoe strings. On a surgical mask, I start the Ian knot with a double starting knot, which alone can hold the mask in place, at least the seconds that it takes me to finish the knot behind my head. Finally, the knot is not pulled open, because the mask itself can be ripped off so that its strings break away (Ian knot won’t).

– Arto K, Finland, Jun-2019

I have been working as a Firefighter/Paramedic for 8 years now, and I have always used tactical boots with zippers on the sides, and never had much issue or need to deviate from standard lacing.

I tried a few different methods, which helped some, but still left me tying and untying both the starting knot and the finishing knot (which is no easy feat in a dark room in the middle of the night), and then I found it, the “Ukrainian method” and immediately my problem was solved! With a few modifications, it has become absolutely perfect for my needs (not to mention it looks 1000% better than the ugly zippers). I have the aglet's both tied in separate overhand knots inside the eyelets of the top of the boot. The next loop down I have the Ukrainian captive starting knot (which makes ALL the difference for the rapid donning.) Going downward I have an “Over Under lacing pattern” which aids significantly in the rapid tightening and loosening, (The X marks the spot to pull!). And then if all those aren't amazing enough, then comes the “Ian Knot”, which is the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, and the grand finale all rolled into one amazing lightning fast move! Now all my needs (more like strong wants) are met. I no longer worry about the laces coming out of the eyes or dragging on the ground when loose. I no longer worry about quickly tightening. I no longer worry about rapid tying or untying. All of it is solved.

– David D., Michigan, USA, Sep-2017

I just returned from a vacation to the bahamas and bought a pair of pants that have to be tied in front and back. I tied an Ian knot behind my back!

– Dominique W., Apr-2004

I travel through airports frequently and due to hightened security I frequently have to remove and re-tie my shoes. I think your knot will save me some time.

– Jim H., Ohio, USA, Mar-2004

Also, being a beginner triathlete, I'll try to use the Ian Knot on T2 (transition #2 – where you change your bike shoes to running shoes and have to tie the laces). I hope I'll shave some seconds off using the Ian Knot!!!

– Gennady S., Aug-2003

Ian Knot Inspired Poetry

The loose laces got on my nerves day by day
I became a nervous wreck, nearly passed away
Thanks to the Ian Knot
I fortunately I did not
Thank you Ian anyway

– Klemens K., Mar-2009

Ian, your shoe knot!
Your knot has saved me time.
Worthy of Haiku.

– [anon], Nov-2004

The Ian Knot is really hot
In time, it saves me quite a lot
Congratulations, thus, I send
To Ian Fieggen, wunderkind

– Andrew M., Apr-2004

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