Ian's Starting Knot Videos

Ian's Starting Knot diagram

Ian's fast way to tie the foundation of most shoelace knots, using a mirrored “Ian Knot” technique with the ends then pulled all the way through.

7 Videos of Ian's Starting Knot

This page contains one detailed tutorial video for learning both my Ian Knot and Ian's Starting Knot. It also contains six other videos that each include Ian's Starting Knot.

NOTE: Each video has the starting time listed for the relevant section so that you don't have to sit through the whole video.

Ian Knot detailed tutorial

Detailed tutorial video that firstly shows my Ian Knot technique in depth, then shows how to mirror the technique and pull the ends through to do my Ian's Starting Knot (starting at 04:32).

Tie shoes in a split-second (or is it two seconds?)

After comparing several ways of timing how fast a shoe can be tied, we at last see my whole technique from start to finish, beginning with my Ian's Starting Knot (starting at 01:20) followed by my Ian Knot.

Ian Knot tied with gloves on

On a cold mid-winter morning, I demonstrated tying both my Ian's Starting Knot (starting at 00:39) followed by my Ian Knot – both of which were done while wearing gloves.

Ian Knot vs ZeroTie shoes

Going head-to-head against “ZeroTie” shoes, my Ian's Starting Knot (starting at 00:40) plus my Ian Knot proves hard to beat.

Power Laces versus real shoelaces

In the absence of actual “Power Laces”, my Ian's Starting Knot (starting at 01:16) plus my Ian Knot still measure up well – even compared to the almost instant magnetic “Zubits”.

Super-efficient shoe tying

Super-short video (about five seconds) showing a shoe tightened and tied in about three seconds using my Ian's Starting Knot (starting at 00:01) plus my Ian Knot.

The Ian Knot, the world's fastest shoelace knot

Even in my original 2011 instructional video, I begin with my Ian's Starting Knot (at 00:11) before continuing with my Ian Knot.

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