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Ian's Starting Knot diagram

Ian's fast way to tie the foundation of most shoelace knots, using a mirrored “Ian Knot” technique with the ends then pulled all the way through.

What Others Have Said

The following are excerpts from some of the e-mails that I've received about Ian's Starting Knot – mostly about people having discovered the technique for themselves prior to having seen it in my videos.

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Visitor Feedback

It's not difficult to transform a standard shoelace knot into a starting knot : simply pull on the loops. Thus I also adopted your “Ian's knot” technique to do the starting knot, and I find it faster.

Of course, to avoid a granny knot, I learnt to tie Ian's knot both ways.

– Jean-Baptiste R., Paris, France, Mar-2014

I just found out something today by coincidence :) I tied an Ian Knot and I found I could tie a Starting Knot very quickly by just pulling the loose ends all the way through when doing the same fluid motions as the Ian Knot but just doing the Ian Knot the reverse way in the Starting Knot variation so as not to end up with a Granny Knot when doing the actual Ian Knot. I really have managed to do this extremely quickly and shaved off at least a couple of seconds when tying my shoes. I then later noticed you were tying your own Starting Knot using the same principle in this video http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/ianknotvideo.htm

– Rasmus L., Denmark, Jan-2012

When I used the knot before, it found it slightly tricky to follow and remember the instructions. And I now realise that I also did the starting knot the wrong way (that information slipped through, although it is mentioned...). -- I think one can use your method for both the starting knot and the second knot, and here's my way of remembering it:

– Andreas J., Feb-2011

I was a bit annoyed myself at how clumsy the starting knot is to make. It now takes more time to tie the starting knot than Ian's knot! Here's what I found (you probably know this already, just didn't put it on your site):

You can make the starting knot “almost” as quickly and elegantly as Ian's knot. Instead of holding the left loop facing you and right loop facing away, reverse them (left loop facing away, right loop facing towards you).

Then do the “Ian maneuver”

When you pull the loops through each other, use your ring/pinkie finger to pull out the rest of the lace through the knot, leaving only a left over right starting knot.

It's a little tricky, but after a few times, it's VERY fast. It's worth learning it for those of us who don't want to get slowed down by the starting knot.

Combine this with Ian's knot and you got a real fast and elegant way to tie shoes.

– David S., Sep-2010

It took me a while to realise that I could make a starting knot by using an Ian knot and instead of pulling the loops in the last stage, slide the fingers outwards and a starting knot is made.

I have noticed that the knot goes crooked with using an Ian knot as a starting knot. I solved this by switching hands in your instructions. So to make a starting knot I would make an Ian knot, but using my left hand as the hand using the middle finger. I would then make another Ian knot using my right hand's middle finger(the normal way). This takes a bit of practice to get used to switching though.

I have noticed that some people don't know about using an Ian knot to make a starting knot as I have seen people on YouTube making a starting knot the way you have shown on the your starting knot page.

– Simon S., May-2007

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