Granny Knotting Celebrities

Celebs with probable Granny Knots

What do Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon and Daniel Craig have in common? They're all celebrities who I believe may be tying Granny Knots thanks to the tell-tale sign of crooked shoelace bows that run along the shoe instead of across the shoe. Celebrities are human too!

This gallery is a small sampling to show that people in all walks of life can suffer Granny Knots. Hopefully the news may also filter back through to the celebrities depicted so that they, too, can learn the simple solution.

Ian's "Fair Use" Declaration

The above photos have come from many sources, often via (which has handy "lookbooks"). The photos have been copied in the spirit of "fair use":

  • The use is transformative and brings together various sources in a new way, in this case to highlight the prevalence of the Granny Knot issue;
  • The use is primarily for the purpose of commentary, education and community interest rather than for commercial gain;
  • The use is relatively insubstantial, showing only the shoes/knots, with thumbnails of the original images for context;
  • The use is unlikely to diminish the value of the original photos.

I've been at the receiving end of copyright infringement countless times. My website, book and iPhone app have all been copied by others for financial gain. I'm therefore very mindful of the rights of both the photographers and publishers of these photos.

If you believe that my use of any of these photos does not constitute "fair use", or even if you'd just prefer that I not use a particular photo, please contact me.

On the other hand, if you have a celebrity photo of your own that you would like to contribute, particularly one that shows a clear "Granny Knot", I'd also love to hear from you!

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