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This is yet another of the secure knots on which my own Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot is based. Make an “O” and pass a loop through it from both the front and the back.

What Others Have Said

The following are excerpts from some of the many e-mails that I've received about the FreedomKnot Shoelace Knot – mostly about the knot's simplicity, symmetry and security.

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Visitor Feedback

All of the knots, like Surgeon's Knot, Berluti Knot, Freedom Knot, etc which have one of the loose ends secured by only one loop are not my preference for a secure knot, They are great knots to have for an easier 1-pull un-knotting.

– Murray, Jul-2021

My wife and I started a designer shoelace business and our laces require being tied with a knot that will not slip.

We want to instruct people to use the “Freedom Knot” - it is easy, it works and we think it just sounds cool.

– T&T. E., USA, Nov-2018

Interestingly enough, after flirting with the Secure Ian knot for a while - I am now using the freedom knot more often than not. It's just a matter of preference.

– S.T., Penang, Malaysia, Sep-2014

Big fan of the Freedom knot--for when it has to stay tied.

– John R., Ohio, USA, Nov-2012

I like that it's easy to change the length of the knot without it braking.?

– Oscar F., Sweden, May-2008

My dad invented it – a twist on the surgeons knot. So I count 60 years of actual daily field testing that clearly demonstrates vibration of any sort cannot cause a well-tied FreedomKnot from coming untied.

– Richard L., Houston, Texas, USA, Apr-2007

I have a left handed son, who I’ve been unable to teach shoelace tying the traditional way to. Having just turned 9 years old I’d given up hope of ever being to tech him this basic life skill and felt frustrated and disappointed in myself.

As a last resort, I “googled” your website and found the freedom knot, which I was able to tech him in 2 minutes flat as it is side-neutral.

Your site has been a god-send to me (albeit on an apparently trivial subject!!) and it has made a real difference to mine and my son's life!

– Andrew B. (and son), Scotland, UK, Jul-2006

I LOVE your shoelace website. My husband and I have been trying to teach our 6 1/2 year old son how to tie his shoes without a whole lot of success (we've made do with velcro, but for goodness sake... it's time to learn). I decided to surf the web to look for something illustrated, and discovered your site. What fun!!! The kid still can't tie his shoes (poor guy has serious attentional issues, and has just about zero tolerance for frustration--hence our reliance on velcro), but at least he thought it was cool that there are so many different ways to tie shoes. He wanted to learn the freedom knot. After about 5 or 6 tries I had to tell him to stop because he was getting so upset. But he kept coming back to see what new knot I was trying out from the site. He wanted to see all of them demonstrated. The website made it interesting, and that's a step in the right direction.

Who'd have thought someone would be crazy enough to dedicate a fully illustrated website to shoelace tying! I'm so glad you are and you did! :-)

– Hayley M., Jan-2005

FYI...The Freedom knot site has their directions wrong, so it tips up & down (like a granny knot) instead of lying to the sides of the shoe. They go right over left for the starting knot, then repeat right over left for the rest. You correctly show left over right, followed by right over left.

– Brenda R., Minnesota, USA, Apr-2004

I spent a couple of months doing your knot (the Ian Knot), and indeed it is simpler. It also unties more easily on command--than any freedom knot. However, it's simplicity does leave it more vulnerable to accidental untyings of too-long laces which are so common. The freedom knot, has that extra winding and holds more ruggedly for it.

– Rich, USA, Mar-2004

If you'd also like to send feedback, please Contact Ian.

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