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You'll find the answers to various questions here, mainly for the benefit of people typing those questions into search engines. It's also worth looking here before you send me a question for which I've already posted an answer.

NOTE: Many of these phrases have been translated by computer. They may be badly translated, incorrect or not the usual expression. If you have any corrections or additional search phrase suggestions, please Contact Ian.

Dutch Flag • Nederlands • Dutch

Schoenveters / Veters = Shoelaces

Schoenveter / Veter = Shoelace

Rijgveters = Laces

Rijgveter = Lace

Nestels / Veteruiteinden = Aglets

Veters strikken = Tying Shoelaces

Veters leren strikken = Learning to Tie Shoelaces

Schoenen veteren = Lacing Shoes

Manieren om schoenen te veteren = Ways to Lace Shoes

Hoe schoenen te veteren = How to Lace Shoes

(Translations by Google and Ian Fieggen)

German Flag • Deutsch • German

Schnürsenkel (Schnuersenkel) = Shoelaces / Shoelace

Schnürbänder (Schnuerbaender) = Shoelaces

Schnürriemen (Schnuerriemen) / Schnürband (Schnuerband) / Schuhband = Shoelace

Schuhsenkel = Shoestring (shoelace)

Pinken / Senkelenden = Aglets

Schuhe schnüren (Schuhe schnueren) = Lacing Shoes / To Lace Shoes

Schuheschnüren (Schuheschnueren) = Shoe Lacing

Weisen, sich Schuhe zu schnüren (Weisen, sich Schuhe zu schnueren) = Ways to Lace Shoes

Wie man Schuhe schnürt (Wie man Schuhe schnuert) = How to Lace Shoes

Wie man Schuhe bindet = How to Tie Shoes

Wie man seine Schuhe bindet = How to Tie Your Shoes

Binden der Schuhe = Tying Shoes

Schuhe binden / Schuhbinden = Shoe Tying

Altweiberknoten = Old Wives' Knot (Granny Knot)

Hausfrauenknoten = Housewife Knot (Granny Knot)

Schuhe Zuschnüren (Schuhe Zuschnueren) / Schuhe Schnüren (Schuhe Schnueren) = To Tie Shoes or To Lace Shoes

Schnürsenkel binden (Schnuersenkel binden) = Tying Shoelaces

Schnürsenkel-Knoten (Schnuersenkelknoten) = Shoelace Knots

Schnürarten (Schnuerarten) = Shoelace Styles

Wie heißen die harten Plastikenden an den Schnürsenkeln ...
(Wie heissen die harten Plastikenden an den Schnuersenkeln) ...
= What do you call the plastic ends of shoelaces? = Aglets

(Translations by Google, Inge Roedecker and others)

French Flag • Français • French

Lacets = Shoelaces

Lacet = Shoelace

Chaussures à lacets = Lacing Shoes

Laçage de chaussure = Shoe Lacing

Lacer des chaussures = To Lace Shoes

Manières de lacer des chaussures = Ways to Lace Shoes

Comment lacer des chaussures = How to Lace Shoes

Comment attacher des chaussures = How to Tie Shoes

Comment attacher vos chaussures = How to Tie Your Shoes

Comment faire ses lacets = How to Tie Shoelaces

Attacher des chaussures = Tying Shoes

Attacher des lacets = Tying Shoelaces

Noeuds des lacet = Shoelace Knots

Modèles de lacet = Shoelace Styles

(Translations by Frrout)

Italian Flag • Italiano • Italian

Lacci delle scarpe = Shoelaces

Laccio della scarpa = Shoelace

Infilare i lacci = Lacing Shoes

Come infilare i lacci = How to Lace Shoes

Tipi di allacciatura = Ways to Lace Shoes

Metodi di allacciatura = Shoelace Styles

Come annodare i lacci = How to Tie Shoes

Come annodare i vostri lacci = How to Tie Your Shoes

Come annodare i lacci = How to Tie Shoelaces

Annodare i lacci = Tying Shoelaces or Tying Shoes

Nodi dei lacci = Shoelace Knots

(Translations by Angelo De Stefano, Bay of Naples, Italy)

Spanish Flag • Español • Spanish

Cintas de los zapatos / Los cordones de zapatos = Shoe Laces

Cinta del zapato = Shoe Lace

Cordones / Cintas / Agujetas = Shoelaces

Cordón = Shoelace

Abrochándose los zapatos = Lacing Shoes

Abrochado de zapatos = Shoe Lacing

Abrocharse los zapatos = To Lace Shoes

Maneras de atarse los zapatos = Ways to Lace Shoes

Maneras de abrocharse los zapatos = Ways to Lace Shoes

Cómo abrocharse los zapatos = How to Lace Shoes

Cómo atarse los zapatos = How to Tie Shoes

Cómo atarse sus zapatos = How to Tie Your Shoes

Cómo atarse los cordones = How to Tie Shoelaces

Atándose los zapatos = Tying Shoes

Atado de los zapatos = Shoe Tying

Atándose los cordones = Tying Shoelaces

Atado de los cordones = Shoelace Tying

Nudos para los cordones / Nudos para las cintas = Shoelace Knots

Estilos de cordones / Estilos de cintas = Shoelace Styles

(Translations by Antonio Fuentes, Madrid, Spain)

Portuguese Flag • Português • Portuguese

Laços do Sapato = Shoe Laces

Laço do Sapato = Shoe Lace or Shoe Lacing

Cadarços = Shoelaces

Cadarço = Shoelace

Amarrando os sapatos = Lacing Shoes

Amarrar os sapatos = To Lace Shoes

Maneiras de amarrar os sapatos = Ways to Lace Shoes

Como amarrar o cadarço = How to Tie Shoelaces

Amarrando os sapatos = Tying Shoes

Amarrar o sapato = Shoe Tying

Amarrando os cadarços = Tying Shoelaces

Amarrar o cadarço = Shoelace Tying

Nó do cadarço = Shoelace Knots

Estilos de Cadarço = Shoelace Styles

(Translations by Stella Cunha, Brazil)

Swedish Flag • Svenska • Swedish

Skosnören (Skoosnoeren) = Shoelaces / Shoelace

Snörar skor (Snoerar skoor) = Lacing Shoes

Sko snörning / Skosnörning (Skoo snoerning / Skoosnoerning) = Shoe Lacing

Att snöra skor (Att snoera skoor) = To Lace Shoes

Sätt att snöra skor (Saett att snoera skoor) = Ways to Lace Shoes

Hur man snörar skor (Hur man snoerar skoor) = How to Lace Shoes

Hur man knyter skor (Hur man knieter skoor) = How to Tie Shoes

Hur man knyter sina skor (Hur man knieter sina skoor) = How to Tie Your Shoes

Hur man knyter skosnören (Hur man knieter skoosnoren) = How to Tie Shoelaces

Knyter skor (Knieter skoor) = Tying Shoes

Skoknytning (Skooknietning) = Shoe Tying

Knyter skosnören (Knieter skoosnoeren) = Tying Shoelaces

Skosnörsknytning (Skoosnoersknietning) = Shoelace Tying

Skosnörsknutar (Skoosnoersknuutar) = Shoelace Knots

Kärringknut (Kaerringknut) = Granny Knot

Snörningsstilar (Snoerningsstiilar) = Shoelace Styles

(Translations by Tobias Ljungström)

Slovenian Flag • Slovensko • Slovenian

Vezalke = Shoe Laces

Vezalka = Shoe Lace

Zavezovati čevlje = Lacing Shoes

Zavezovanje čevlja = Shoe Lacing

Zavezati čevlje = To Lace Shoes

Kako zavezati čevlje = How to Lace Shoes

Stili vezalk = Shoelace Styles

Načini zavezovanja čevljev = Ways to Lace Shoes

Vozli iz vezalk = Shoelace Knots

Babičin vozel = Granny Knot

Vezava letve = Ladder Lacing

(Translations by Patrick Sebanc, Slovenia)

Non-Latin Characters

I've omitted any languages with Asian, Arabic, Cyrillic or other non-Latin characters until such time as I work out how to implement the Unicode character sets needed to display them.

NOTE: This page is mainly for the benefit of people who are searching the Internet. Should they type phrases such as these into a search engine and be directed here, this page will redirect them to the answers within my site. If you haven't found the answer to your question here, please Contact Ian.

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