Equality Knot Flip Book

Equality Knot step 1
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Begin with ends on same side of shoe.
Pass lower (yellow) end behind upper.
Wrap right (blue) end around back.
Feed through gap and pull tight.
Fold both lace ends into “loops”.
Pass left (yellow) loop behind right.
Wrap right (yellow) loop around to front.
Wrap upper (blue) loop around to back.
Feed both loops through the “hole”.
Pull tight vertically to complete the knot.

Finished Knot

Finished Equality Knot

The finished “Equality Knot” should be a tight, closed knot oriented vertically at the side of the shoe with a double-wrap around the middle resembling an Equality “=” symbol.

NOTE: If your finished knot looks uneven or twisted, it may easily be “worked” into a neat result as follows: Pull on the loose ends slightly as though untying the laces – this will bring the outer wraps of the knot together. Then, pull on the loops once again to re-tighten the knot – this will neaten up the inner parts.

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