Bi-Color Lacing Methods

Bi-Color Lacing Methods

Lacing shoes with two different colors is a great way to display country or team colors or simply to make use of the spare shoelaces that are supplied with many sneakers nowadays.

7 Ways To Lace Shoes With 2 Colors

Half & Half LacingHalf & Half Lacing Half & Half Lacing

Shoelaces with half one color and half another color, either pre-made or by cutting and joining two laces, create an interesting bi-color effect.

Half & Half / Straight Bar LacingHalf & Half / Straight Bar Lacing Half & Half / Straight Bar Lacing

This combination of Half & Half Lacing and Straight Bar Lacing forms a series of horizontal “bars” of alternating colors.

Double LacingDouble Lacing Double Lacing

One color shoelace runs through the odd eyelet pairs, another color runs through the even eyelet pairs, with two sets of loose ends at top.

Double Sided LacingDouble Sided Lacing Double Sided Lacing

Two flat shoelaces on top of each other, or one shoelace with different colors on the front and back, will alternate those colors up the shoe.

Checkerboard LacingCheckerboard Lacing Checkerboard Lacing

Run one shoelace horizontally, then weave another color vertically and tuck in all ends. Forms an attractive two-color checker pattern.

Dense Checker LacingDense Checker Lacing Dense Checker Lacing

Variation of Checkerboard Lacing with doubled horizontals of one color through which another color shoelace is woven vertically, forming a more dense two-color checker pattern.

Angled Checker LacingAngled Checker Lacing Angled Checker Lacing

Doubling up two different colored laces and weaving them through each other forms a dense angled two-color checker pattern.

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