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Berluti Shoelace Knot diagram

Also known as the “Double Shoestring Knot”, this is a secure knot popularized by Olga Berluti. Begin as per the Standard Shoelace Knot and finish by feeding the opposite loop through the middle before tightening.

What Others Have Said

The following are excerpts from some of the many e-mails that I've received about the Berluti Shoelace Knot – mostly about other conflicting techniques floating around on YouTube and elsewhere.

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Visitor Feedback

I came upon a puzzling knot and would really appreciate your input.

The knot is featured in a video and presented by several clothing and shoe gurus. They call the knot the Berluti Knot but they are NOT Berluti Knots. You can see the 1st example posted by Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project and the link to his video is His knot is nothing like the Berluti Knot posted by Berluti on their website at this location The Berluti web page also shows a video and a set of diagrams which match the video. To me, the knot described by Berluti appears to be a Surgeon's Knot which is described in your list of 20 knots. The knot described by Kirby Allison and also presented by a number of others wardrobe and shoe specialists, appears to me to be your Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot but with the inclusion of both loose cord ends inserted into the knot making it an even stronger knot than your Secure Shoelace Knot. I have not seen the knot described anywhere else other than being called the Berluti Knot which it is not and it does not appear to be in your arsenal of knots. So it's kind of a mystery knot to me and for now I am calling it Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot with Two Additional wrap-arounds.

– Murray, Jul-2021

There is a knot used for dress shoes you'd like: The Berluti Knot. It can be found on Youtube and is similar to your Ian Secure Knot and creates a nice result when done - perfect for those Berluti dress shoes that are dreadfully overpriced.

– Michael P., USA, Apr-2018

Turns out that Berluti's own videos for the knot at
(same as one another except for the language in the captions)

show a different method, which is what I had originally thought the Surgeon's Knot to be: it's like Ian's Secure Knot, but put one of the ears through the center opening twice instead of each ear once.

I find the actual Berluti method and Ian's Secure Knot the easiest to learn (in that order) and would expect them to be the easiest to teach (also in that order).

– David T., Illinois, USA, Jan-2018

Berluti - a super expensive shoe company from France claims that this knot was inspired by the Duke of Windsor. The original owner of the company tied it for the Duke and since then every customer of the Berluti shoes are taught this super secret knot when they purchase one their fancy shoes!

– S.T., Penang, Malaysia, Sep-2014

I want to know if you have heard about a knot called “Berluti Knot”, apparently a distinguished way of tying your shoelaces.

– Christophe P., Saint Etienne, France, Jul-2008

Do you know this knot? It’s french, from the famed Berluti bootmakes (

I've tried to analyze/disect them but havn't succeded.

Even had my last pair in the box for weeks trying to copy them before untying (they come tied from the bespoke shoeshiner).

– Per O., Stockholm, Sweden, Dec-2007

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