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Besides shoelaces, there's also shoelace accessories, devices and gadgets. Again, every purchase earns this website a tiny commission.

Shoelace Accessories Tested by Ian

The following are shoelace accessories from various merchants that either currently sponsor or previously sponsored Ian's Shoelace Site – or at least sent some samples for me to try out and photograph.

Lace Anchors (USA)

Lace Anchors Lace Anchors inside a shoe

For those who prefer a shoe minus the bows and loose ends, Lace Anchors invisibly secure the ends of the shoelaces inside the shoe, transforming it into a neat slip-on.

Safe Lace (AU)

Safe Lace Safe Lace securing the knot on a running shoe

Safe Lace is a flexible silicone device that threads onto the shoelaces, then locks over the bow to prevent it coming undone. Soft enough to be comfortable, yet strong enough to hold.

Zubits (USA)

Zubits plus supplied Lace Anchors Zubits laced into a walking shoe

Lace a couple of magnetic Zubits into your shoes (using the supplied Lace Anchors) for an instant snap closure. The magnets are really strong and hold quite securely.

Lace Latch (USA)

Lace Latch in various different colors Lace Latch laced into a sneaker

Lace Latches are permanently tied onto one end of a shoelace, then latched over a stop-knot on the other end. Strong plastic with multiple notches, either for different tensions or to wrap several times to take up extra length.


Aluminium TWZT Aluminium TWZT laced in, tightened and locked

TWZT is laced into shoes so that they can be tightened with a twist. Looks great, but not as easy to tighten as I'd hoped. TWZT is more about “making a statement” than helping those who have difficulty tying.

Tie Buddies (USA)

Tie Buddies Tie Buddies laced into a girl's shoe

For kids learning to tie shoelaces, this simple product helps form permanent “loops” in the laces, with the cute characters then incorporated into a story to help the kids remember the steps involved.

Memory Ties (USA)

Memory Ties Memory Ties in use, with one loop holding itself upright

Memory Ties training shoelace has a memory fiber core so that it stays put for longer. This helps individuals to get everything into the right position and then plan their next step. Here I'm demonstrating the loop crossover step of my Ian Knot – with one loop holding itself upright!

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Shoelace Puller

Shoelace puller

Details: Metal hook for tightening shoelaces. Used by ice skaters and roller skaters for super-tight lacing as well as by anyone who finds it difficult to get their fingers under the shoelaces.

Price: around USD $1.95. Buy Now (paid link)

Zero-Friction Shoelace Fittings

Zero-Friction shoelace fittings

Details: Converts eyelets to speed-lacing lugs. Makes laces easier to tighten and loosen, plus increases comfort as the reduced friction allows lacing to self-adjust.

Price: around USD $5.95. Buy Now (paid link)

Lace-in Boot Zippers

Lace-in Boot Zippers

Details: Converts many Combat and Jungle boots from slow lace-ups to fast-action zippered closures.

Price: around USD $7.25. Buy Now (paid link)

Wear-Ease Velcro Fasteners

Wear-Ease Velcro Fasteners

Details: Converts lace-ups to simple Velcro closures. Ideal for those with injuries, disabilities or other difficulties tying shoelaces. D-Rings even allow manipulation using hooks.

Price: around USD $12.10. Buy Now (paid link)

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