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Information about this website and the site's author, Ian Fieggen – including Ian's contact details. Also info on this site's sponsors plus various ways that you, too, can support Ian.

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Ian's Shoelace Site contains all sorts of shoelace information – most of it useful, some just for fun. There's something for almost everyone!

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Ian's Shoelace Site is not targeting your privacy. That said, your visit to this website – or to any website – can leave “fingerprints”. If you're concerned about privacy – or simply curious – please read on.

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This page maps the layout of all pages on Ian's Shoelace Site.

See also the Global Site Map for the whole fieggen.com website.

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Ian's Shoelace Site has several dedicated sponsors, whose financial contributions help keep this website afloat. Find out more about this site's sponsors and their products.

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If you've benefited in some way from Ian's Shoelace Site and have come here to show your appreciation with some financial support – then I'm really touched. Thank you!

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Advice and etiquette for creating links to Ian's Shoelace Site, including Why to Link, How to Link, How NOT to Link, Where to Link, Reciprocal Links, etc.

Ian amp; Inge (icon) About Ian

What sort of person has a “Shoelace Site”? Who is this “Professor Shoelace”? G'day, everyone – my name is Ian Fieggen, I'm 61 years old and I currently live in Melbourne, Australia with my partner of 30+ years, Inge.

Contact Ian (pic) Contact Ian

Want to ask a question? Express your thanks? Offer helpful criticisms? Send feedback? Contribute a method or photo? Request an interview? I'd love to hear from you – contact me via e-mail.

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