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Fun, fashion & science in the Internet's #1 website about shoelaces – and home of the Ian Knot, the world's fastest shoelace knot. If you want to lace shoes, tie shoes or learn about shoelaces – this is the place!

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Lacing (icon) Lacing Shoes

Contains over 100 × step-by-step shoe lacing tutorials, over 2,500 × shoe lacing photos, plus the interactive “Create-a-Lace” for designing your own lacing.

Tying (icon) Tying Shoes

Contains 25 × shoelace knots (including my world's fastest “Ian Knot”), plus info on tying correctly so that they sit straight and stay securely tied – yet can be untied without jamming.

Learn (icon) Learn About Shoelaces

Heaps of knowledge about shoelaces, including their construction, length calculations – even what the tips are called, as well as Ian's interviews, articles, Q&As and more.

About (icon) About

Information about this website and the site's author, Ian Fieggen – including Ian's contact details. Also info on this site's sponsors plus various ways that you, too, can support Ian.

Connect (icon) Connect With Professor Shoelace

Contact Ian Fieggen via e-mail or connect with “Professor Shoelace” via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gfycat or RSS feed.

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Looking for something? This website has more than 300 pages – which can be daunting to wade through! Search the whole of Ian's Shoelace Site using Google Custom Search.

Latest Photo


Today's shoe lacing photo was contributed by Björn D. in Feb-2016.

White K-Swiss sneakers with black trim laced with white Lug Loop Back Lacing.

This website's first visitor-contributed photo of this lacing method.

White K-Swiss sneakers with black trim laced with white Lug Loop Back Lacing (from Björn D.)

More Shoe Lacing Photos

What's New?

Lacing methods (icon) Compact Layouts – Continued

26-Dec-2023 – Rolled out new compact layouts to the Bi-Color Lacing Methods, Lug Lacing Methods and U-Lace Methods pages.

Lacing methods (icon) Compact Layout – Lacing Methods

26-Dec-2023 – Changed “Shoe Lacing Methods” page to a compact layout (for quick visual selection), with a button to switch to detailed layout (showing more info).

Lacing (icon) Another YouTube Milestone

04-Nov-2023 – My video “Criss Cross Lacing 1 Minute How-To” just passed ONE MILLION views on YouTube. I'm pleased that so many people found this video worthwhile!

Lug Lacing Methods updates (icon) “Lug Lacing Methods” updates

12-Jul-2023 – Major update to all “Lug Lacing Methods” to allow taller diagrams, so that methods with five pairs of lugs can be shown in full rather than with a cropped diagram.

Lattice Lacing update (icon) Updated “Lattice Lacing”

12-Jul-2023 – Major update to “Lattice Lacing” to allow diagrams taller than eight eyelet pairs, enabling step-by-step instructions for individual tall lattices or multiple short lattices.

Recent Visitor Feedback

I have been a fan of your shoelace page since the mid 2000's. I can remember the day I learned the proper way to tie my shoelaces(I was 28).

– Troy P., Feb-2024

It’s great when people share their Knowledge like you do on the Internet

– David G., Germany, Jan-2024

I've only recently happened upon your website within the last couple of months and I'm OBSESSED - thank you! 😊

– Jen C., Missouri, USA, Jan-2024

Thanks for making my shoes more awesome!

– Marty G., Jan-2024

Your website is my BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT. At last, practical advice on keeping my shoelaces tied. THANKS and GOD BLESS YOU!

– Odo R., Oregon USA, Dec-2023

... it is great to see some of the original “spirit” of the internet being kept alive through sites like yours, as finding good, informative web content that isn't paywalled or riddled with an inordinate amount of advertising or sponsorships is becoming more and more of a rarity.

– Albin S., Sweden, Dec-2023

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