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Information about the www.fieggen.com website

This website was first started many years ago as an experiment in what was then the relatively new phenomenon called “The Internet”. I put a couple of pages on-line mainly to experiment with HTML coding and computer graphics. I gradually started adding information that I figured would be useful, incorporating new styles and technologies as the Internet evolved.

I had no idea that this website would still be going strong after 21 years and have passed its 50 millionth visit.

Website Content

What sort of website?

www.fieggen.com is not a commercial website! I'm not selling shoelaces or footwear or anything else. It's basically a hobby site, through which I'm trying to contribute something worthwhile to the Internet.

What sort of content does it contain?

Most of this website's content, particularly the extensive Ian's Shoelace Site, could be considered "Educational", "Instructional", or "Self-Help". It's a mixture of traditional knowledge and original concepts, some of it well known, some of it quite obscure.

Is The Content "Kid Safe"?

Although my website is not specifically targeted at kids and therefore contains fairly difficult words, I believe that all the content of my website is safe for kids. In other words, it's partly "Kid Friendly", but totally "Kid Safe". It contains no coarse language, contains no "adult references", is non-explicit, is not defamatory or offensive – you get the general idea! I'm not infallible, so please Contact Me if you find anything that you consider would best be changed or removed to make this website more "Kid Safe".

Who owns the content?

The contents of this website are Copyright © 1999-2017 by Ian W. Fieggen. I reserve the rights to all content, including writing, text, images, sounds, videos, coding, programming, scripts, etc. contained on this website.

Who can re-use the content?

Generally, I'm pretty agreeable to others passing on this knowledge by using portions of the content of this website provided that you simply credit www.fieggen.com as the source or myself (Ian Fieggen) as the author. Obviously, you're welcome to print a page or two from this website to show to someone else! Should you wish to reproduce or otherwise make use of portions in your own derivative works, such as in books, magazines, etc, please Contact Me first to obtain written permission. For example, many people have been given permission to use my shoelace knot diagrams rather than drawing their own.

What about linking to the content?

Should you wish to link from your own web page to either specific content or pages of this website (particularly Ian's Shoelace Site), please see the Linking to This Site page, which gives details on Why to Link, How to Link, How NOT to Link, Where to Link, Reciprocal Links, etc.

Browse Safely

Cookies? Web bugs? Tracking Code? Flash? Pop-Ups?

I've tried to keep www.fieggen.com as simple and straightforward as possible, and have kept it free of the sort of nonsense used by many other websites:

  • NO cookies, web bugs or other forms of tracking;
  • NO memory-hogging Flash animations;
  • NO invasive or dangerous scripts;
  • NO annoying pop-ups.

These sorts of things are often the cause of both user frustration and browser problems, and can range from annoying to downright dangerous. I don't like them, I consider them unwarranted, and I do NOT use them on my website!

In short, you should be able to browse this website in complete confidence.

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