Ian's Rants

Ian Fieggen pondering something, 1982

I think of all sorts of things. While many of my ideas come out of left field, some of them make great sense, although I admit that others are downright crazy.

Table of Contents

Car names Ian's Rant 01 – Similar Car Names

Ian takes a stab at how the automotive industry invents their car names.

Y2K = Year 2000 Ian's Rant 02 – The Millennium Bug

Ian points out the short-sightedness of the "Y2K" (Year 2000) solution.

bough, cough, dough Ian's Rant 03 – English Pronunciation

Ian demonstrates the difficulty of learning pronunciation in English.

Mirror image Ian's Rant 04 – The Mirror Conundrum

Ian ponders why his image in a mirror isn't also upside down.

Floppy disk Ian's Rant 05 – Files Too Big for Floppy Disks

Ian has a go at Microsoft for an obvious omission in operating systems.

Radioactive nuclear waste Ian's Rant 06 – Burying Nuclear Waste

Ian's alternative solution for the disposal of nuclear waste.

Music file waveform Ian's Rant 07 – Music Industry of the Future

Ian predicts the impact of music copying on tomorrow's music industry.

there, they're, their Ian's Rant 08 – Microsoft Grammar

Ian does a bit of "Microsoft Bashing" using there (sic) own grammar checker.

Modest house on a modest block Ian's Rant 09 – Property Developers

Do property developers have more rights than residents?

www = Triple-U Ian's Rant 10 – Triple-U

We really need a simpler verbal phrase than "Double-U Double-U Double-U"!

11-Nov-2011 Ian's Rant 11 – Amazing Dates

Ian highlights some amazing dates and times – one of which is coming up late in 2011.

Supercede Superseded Ian's Rant 12 – Supercede Superseded

The word 'supercede' seems to have been 'superseded'.

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