Ian's Rant – Amazing Dates


Ian highlights some amazing dates and times – one of which is coming up late in 2011.

Posted: 12-Jul-2011


Stand by everyone. An AMAZING date & time is coming up later this year!

On 11th November 2011, a little before midday, we will see the following date & time:

11:11:11  11/11/11

Cool, huh? Or wait! Does it signal the end of the world??? Probably not, considering that amazing patterns in dates & times happen fairly often.

For example, the past ten years have seen every run of digits from 01:01:01  01/01/01, 02:02:02  02/02/02 through to 10:10:10  10/10/10.

While 11:11:11  11/11/11 looks pretty cool, the same thing does happen every hundred years. We're kind of cheating by not showing the full year “2011”. It would have been even cooler in the years 11, 111 or 1111 when we wouldn't have needed to “cheat” by hiding the two leading digits “20”.


Another date & time that I thought was particularly amazing occurred just after midday on the 7th August 1990 (or 8th July for those using American date notation):

12:34:56  7/8/90


In fact, a strikingly similar date and time had occurred thirteen months prior, although I hadn't noticed it at the time:

01:23:45  6/7/89


Here's yet another that I thought looked cool. It only works with non-American date notation (as we use here in Australia) and with 24hr time notation:

20:02  20/02  2002


Somehow all of the above dates & times passed safely by without the world coming to an end. I therefore reckon we'll survive this year's 11th November as well.

– Ian Fieggen, 12-Jul-2011