Ian's Rant 10 – Triple-U

www = Triple-U

We really need a simpler verbal phrase than "Double-U Double-U Double-U"!

World Wide Web = WWW

When the "World Wide Web" was invented, no doubt by geeky technicians, they probably thought it was a cute idea to use the acronym "www" for world wide websites. It's a pity they didn't think of the verbal implications of that set of three letters!

Today, whenever a website address is being discussed, we are burdened with having to enunciate the tedious "Double-U  Double-U  Double-U" prefix before getting to the core of the address.

Sure, some people drop the prefix altogether and just use the rest of the domain name, such as "fieggen.com". In fact, some web browsers allow you to enter just the primary part of a domain name (eg. "fieggen") without needing the prefix ("www.") or even the suffix (".com").

But really, wouldn't it be nice to have something that's easier to get your tongue around than "Double-U  Double-U  Double-U"?

My suggestion is:


For example, instead of saying –

"Go to  Double-U  Double-U  Double-U  dot  Fieggen  dot  Com"

– we'd instead say –

"Go to  Triple-U  dot  Fieggen  dot  Com"

Okay, I know that technically it's incorrect. Three consecutive "Doubles" add up to a "Triple-Double-U", or a "Double-U Cubed", or even a "Hextuple-U". But all of these defeat the purpose, as they are hardly any easier to verbalise than the original.

By using something that is not currently part of common English usage, and by saying to everyone "Okay, let's adopt this", it can work. As people recognise the benefits and start to use it, we'll have a new, easier phrase.

I've already started using "Triple-U", though with accompanying explanations. If at the very least it's taken up by newsreaders, it will have been worth it!

– Ian Fieggen, Dec-2007

Triple-U Feedback

Hasn't anyone noticed that the character is actually a "double-v"? To reduce further the number of syllables and eliminate the miscount, I advocate "Six-V". Alternatives for the Wiccan-minded are "Hex-V" and for the romantic, "Sex-V".

– John R, 11-Feb-2009

True, they're both concise and accurate. Personally, I feel that one of the big advantages of "Triple-U" is that it's similar enough to the original "Double-U" that it actually sounds familiar, which will undoubtedly help.

– Ian, 11-Feb-2009

Did you also realize that the w is the only letter of the alphabet that is not a one syllable word?

– Jean W, 18-Aug-2009

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