Ian's Rant – Music Industry of the Future

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Ian predicts the impact of music copying on tomorrow's music industry.

Posted: Aug-2003

Music Industry vs. The Internet

The music industry really hates the Internet! It's been steadily killing their profits, with people uploading music files as MP3s that others can download for free.

What the industry refuses to accept is that people will continue to do this as long as they perceive music CDs to be too expensive. People know that CDs cost less than $1 to stamp out, so when they have to fork out $30 or more, they figure the recording artists and record companies are making just a teensy bit too much profit.

CDs will have to become cheaper to compete with what people can download for free, not just pirated music but also legitimate stuff released by artists. Let's face it, if a legitimate music CD cost maybe $5, who'd go to the trouble and risk of downloading stuff and making their own pirate CDs?

The inevitable progression of the erosion of profits will not be the death of the music industry, it will just become a whole lot more realistic. The days will be gone when a single song can turn someone into a multi-millionaire. There will always be musicians, but more and more they will exist for the love of music and/or fame rather than for the money.

– Ian Fieggen, Aug-2003