Ian's Favourites

Blue (favourite colour) + steak (favourite food)

More meaningful stuff about Ian. Who knows – you may find some of my favourite books, movies and music interesting as well.

Favourites (in no particular order)

Favourite colour


Favourite food

Steak – done rare (blue?)

Favourite confectionery

Chocolate; licorice; bullets (=chocolate+licorice!)

Favourite soft drink

Diet Coke

Favourite alcoholic drink

Scotch whisky

Favourite hobby

Shoelace Site development

Favourite recreation


Favourite exercise


Favourite authors

Ira Levin; Orson Scott Card

Favourite books

This Perfect Day; A Kiss Before Dying

Favourite comedy movies

Crocodile Dundee; Dirty Rotten Scoundrels; The Castle; The Russians Are Coming

Favourite action movies

Die Hard; The Fugitive; The Bourne Identity

Favourite drama movies

The Shawshank Redemption; Proof (Hugo Weaving); Cast Away

Favourite foreign movies

Lola Rennt (German); Fanfare (Dutch); Vaya Con Dios (German)

Favourite sitcoms

The IT Crowd; Seinfeld; Two and a Half Men; Get Smart

Favourite reality program

The Block? Survivor? Biggest Loser?
None of the above. Seriously – I'm not a fan of "reality" programs.

Favourite actors

Tom Hanks; Bruce Willis; Russell Crowe; Nathalie Baye

Favourite cartoons / claymations

South Park; Wallace & Gromit; classic Warner Bros Cartoons (especially those by Chuck Jones)

Favourite music

Raunchy rock; Instrumentals

Favourite rock bands

The Cruel Sea; Midnight Oil; Pink Floyd

Favourite musicians

Delerium; Enigma; Luka Bloom; Jean Michel Jarre

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