About the Fieggen Family Tree

About the Fieggen Family Tree

Information about the Fieggen Family Tree – what it's about, how it started, and where it's headed.


"Fieggen" is an unusual surname. In fact, we think there may only be about a hundred living "Fieggens" in the whole world! We've traced the Fieggen surname back to the 1600s, centering around Amsterdam in The Netherlands, yet the name isn't typically Dutch. My other ancestors were mainly German and French.

These are just some of the fascinating facts that I discovered when I started to research my ancestry. And this Fieggen Family Tree is a way of presenting the results of that research in an easy-to-navigate format.

Site History


While adding photos to my Ian Fieggen's Site, I thought about adding one page with photos of my immediate family, formatted as a family group. Because this was back in 1999, when the Internet was only new and most visitors used slow dial-up modems for access, it made sense to have the group as text links, which could be clicked on to show only the desired photo.

The resulting family group worked so brilliantly that I figured that I could easily extend the concept to include grandparents and children as well. And so the Fieggen Family Tree was born.

Growth of the Tree

Once I started adding family members, plus their family members, the floodgates opened. I realised that the tree was limited only by how much information I had available. When my parents ran out of material, I began searching the internet for our fairly unusual name: "Fieggen". This very quickly resulted in some branches of the family in other parts of the world, most of whom were happy to share information and determine our common ancestors.

Evolution of the Programs

As I added more and more information, I could see the limitations of my manual procedures for updating indexes and so forth. I looked around at genealogy software, but in those days, none presented the information in such a neat format. I therefore ended up writing a few custom programs to automate those procedures and enhance the tree.

Future of the Fieggen Family Tree

With the ever increasing functionality offered by modern software, I'd love to find the time to do a major rewrite in order to incorporate some new technologies. The future holds amazing possibilities! Alas, I now devote most of my website efforts updating my far more popular Ian's Shoelace Site. In the meantime, the Fieggen Family Tree still provides a great way for the members of the Fieggen family to browse our common ancestry.

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